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Introductory Period

The introductory period for employees at Bentley allows you to become familiar with the University and with your job responsibilities, and to demonstrate your ability to do your job well. This period of time also enables management to help you become accustomed to your position as well as to evaluate your performance and your compatibility with Bentley.

If you are a Non-Exempt employee, your first 90 days of employment are considered to be an introductory period. If you are classified as an Exempt employee, the first six months from the start of your employment are deemed to be your introductory period. If you have been rehired with a break in service greater than three months, you will need to complete another introductory period for your current position.

You may, at any point during your introductory period, terminate your employment with Bentley for any reason. Similarly, during this time, the University reserves the right to terminate your employment or to extend the duration of this initial period when circumstances warrant it. Your supervisor is responsible for evaluating your performance at the end of your introductory period.

This policy may be amended at any time.

Updated October 2008