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Undergraduate Degrees

Media and Culture Degree

Centered on the nature of storytelling in all its forms and designed to prepare students for a career in media industries, the Media and Culture program is a concentrated curriculum in media literacy, production, theory, and business. It provides you with the opportunity to gain a critical understanding of media forms and industry practices by engaging in creative production and analyzing creative, technological, and theoretical texts.  In your coursework, you are exposed to a variety of creative and cultural texts and become critical thinkers and strong writers attuned to the nuances of written and visual language. You gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of the social, cultural and political impact of the media as you develop your knowledge of media practice in such areas as video and audio production, graphic and motion design, and writing for and about media forms. You learn to be creative, innovative and socially responsible media producers and business managers who can successfully navigate an increasingly diverse culture in the global marketplace. This unique program also encourages you to complete an internship or capstone project.

The Media and Culture degree requires that you complete a Business Studies major or minor.


For more information about the Media and Culture program, contact:

Elizabeth LeDoux
Lindsay Hall 34

Liberal Arts Degree

Students who select the Liberal Arts major with a concentration in English and Media Studies may choose from a variety of courses in literature, cinema studies, creative writing, or communication. An English and Media Studies concentration is flexible, allowing you to design a program appropriate for graduate study in a field such as Literature or Communication, or to develop the communication skills and broad cultural background knowledge critical to success in business.

The Liberal Arts degree requires that you complete a Business Studies major or minor

Liberal Studies Major

Media Arts and Society Concentration

The Liberal Studies major (LSM) is an optional double major for students who are majoring in business. The LSM allows you to make meaningful connections within and across disciplines and to develop valuable skills in critical thinking, creative analysis and communication — skills that are vital to succeed both professionally and personally.

Grounded in the discipline of English and Media Studies with a cultural studies approach, the LSM concentration in Media Arts and Society aims to engage you in critical discourse about the uses and effects of modern media, increase knowledge about media technology, and encourage creative thinking through the use of such media. This concentration has a hands-on component in which students work directly with video, graphic design, digital photography, and sound design in creative ways.


For more information about the Liberal Studies major concentration in Media Arts and Society, contact:

Samir Dayal
Adamiam Academic Center 067