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Global Studies Minor

The Global Studies minor provides an interdisciplinary understanding of contemporary global issues. Focusing on the international, economic, political, and cultural interactions that create today's globalization, the minor is an excellent way to prepare for the many careers that require background knowledge of global affairs. 


Option A

  • One GLS course from: 101 or 110-119
  • One GLS course 200 level or above
  • One GLS elective
  • One three-credit internationally oriented experience (could include short-term travel program)

Option B: Semester/Summer Abroad

  • One GLS course from: 101 or 110-119
  • Two internationally-oriented courses taken for credit at a partner education institution abroad
  • One GLS course 200 level or above

Minor Advisor: 

Sean McDonald

206 Morison


Politics Minor

The minor in Politics enables students majoring in either business or liberal arts to study aspects of American or international government, politics and policy. A Politics minor enhances studies of and careers in marketing, management, public policy, organizational behavior, business communication, human resources, and consulting.


Four GLS courses  from the list below, two of which must be at the 200 level or above.
(Note: Students may not double-count the Government Gen Ed Course towards the minor)

  • GLS 100 U.S. Government and Politics
  • GLS 102 Comparative Government and Politics
  • GLS 105 U.S. State and Local Government and Politics
  • GLS 116 International Relations
  • GLS 200 - 499

 Minor Advisor:

Asbed Kotchikian

Morison 210


Public Policy Minor

Public policy encompasses virtually all aspects of contemporary society, from economic development to national security. Complex policy issues, such as poverty, crime, the environment, and health care, demand a sophisticated understanding of government institutions and political actors. A Public Policy minor positions students to navigate the policy process, whether in a business, government, or NGO capacity. 


GLS 230 Politics and Public Policy and

Three courses from:

  • GLS 200 - 499


Minor Advisor:

Rob Deleo

Morison 274