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Business ICT Concentration

The new Business Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)  concentration is about managing business technology, an in-demand skill in 21st century business. It is a partnership between two departments: Information and Process Management and Information Design and Corporate Communication.

The concentration blends leading-edge communication skills for working with and understanding emerging technology, and key management skills needed in the information process.

The information revolution is making the analysis, communication and management of business information imperative. In many organizations, the management of this process is inadequate. Vast amounts of business information are created in and communicated among people and processes with the help of information and communication technologies (ICT).

To succeed in this environment, business professionals need to analyze information quality and security, understand technology’s role in information-rich processes, and effectively explain and present it to technology and business audiences.

Business ICT concentrators are well-positioned for today’s and tomorrow’s careers at the interface of ICT and business. They’ll be valued business professionals who are skilled communicators, understand business ICTs, know how to analyze information and processes, and can help develop effective and secure process and technology interfaces to add value.


There’s a need for managers who understand technology’s role in processing information, and can explain and present that role to IT and business audiences. McKinsey predicts the shortage of U.S. managers and analysts that can use data and information to make business decisions for competitive advantage will be 1.5 million by 2018. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics consistently predicts every year fast job and compensation growth in technology-related fields.

Our Business ICT concentration helps you find jobs in high-growth and well-paid occupations such as:

  • Business and technology analyst
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Business process improvement consultant
  • Data change agent
  • Information and communication technology analyst/consultant
  • Information and data visualizer
  • Information manager
  • Information privacy/information security analyst
  • Process designer


To enroll in the Business ICT concentration, enroll in the Information Design and Corporate Communication major via MyBentley and follow the Business ICT DAS.  

Business ICT Advisor: 
Dr. Marco Marabelli, Assistant Professor, IPM Department
Phone: 781.891.2318