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Information and Process Management Minor

Business processes and information technology are the key enablers of firms’ performance and their ability to compete in the marketplace. The Information and Process Management minor provides business majors an edge in their profession by adding valuable skills in tools, methods and technologies that support information and process management in organizations.

Regardless of your major, you will be called to participate in process and technology assessment, analysis and re-design projects during your professional career. The IPM minor prepares you to effectively work with information and process management professionals.


You must complete three courses from the following list:

  • IPM 140 Adding Value with Information and Processes (embedded service-learning credit)
  • IPM 210 Information Security and Computer Forensics (prerequisite: IT 101)
  • IPM 320 Decision Support and Business Intelligence (prerequisite: CS 150 or IPM 140)
  • IPM 340 Selected Topics in Information and Process Management (prerequisite: GB 310 or instructor’s permission)
  • IPM 402 Seminar in Information and Process Management (prerequisite: instructor’s permission)
  • IPM 450 Enterprise Systems Configuration for Business (prerequisite: IPM 310 or AC 340)
  • CS 314 (permanent replacement of CS299) Web Trends and Technologies (prerequisite: IT101)

You also must choose one course from the following:

  • CS 150 Introduction to Data and Information Management (prerequisite: IT 101)
  • CS 314 (permanent replacement for CS299) Web Trends and Technologies (prerequisite: IT 101)
  • COM 210 Effective Speaking
  • COM 323 Small Group Communication
  • PS 311 Social Psychology
  • SO 264 Technology, Society and Work
  • MA 225 Probability Models for Business Decision-Making (prerequisite: GB 210)
  • MA 252 Mathematical Statistics (prerequisite: MA 139 or MA 141, and GB210)
  • ST 242 Applied Business Statistics (prerequisite: MA 126, MA 139 or MA 141; and GB210)
  • Other relevant courses are subject to minor coordinator approval

Need more information? We are here to advise you. Please contact:

IPM Minor Coordinator
Dr. W. Alec Cram, Assistant Professor, IPM Department
Phone 781.891.2811