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Faculty in Bentley’s Information and Process Management (IPM) Department conduct research about the effective use and management of information, business processes, and technology through the multi-stakeholder socio-technical systems approach, and through focus on value enhancement and hazard mitigation. To this end, IPM faculty engage in the scholarship of discovery (discipline-based scholarship), the scholarship of pedagogy, the scholarship of integration, as well as the scholarship of application or engagement.

IPM faculty members’ research addresses important problems in business process management, sociotechnical systems design, the adoption and use of IT for emergency response and healthcare, the design and evolution of large-scale complex technologies in organizations, governments and cities, information systems governance and control initiatives, IT project management, IT offshoring, the impact of argumentation in IT development, information security, the digital divide, IT ethics, and the design, adoption and use of enterprise software, supply chain management technologies, e-commerce, social media and other emerging technologies.

IPM faculty distinguish themselves by publishing papers in numerous national and international high-quality peer-reviewed conferences and journals, collaborating successfully with other Bentley faculty, doctoral students, and colleagues from around the world, receiving significant scholarly awards, receiving external grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) as well as from industry consortia and private companies, and assuming high-profile roles in academic, industry and government forums. Over the years, various IPM faculty members served as presidents of the Association for Information Systems (AIS), the premier academic community association for the information systems field, received the AIS LEO award for outstanding contributions to the field and the AIS Fellow award for excellent research, teaching, and service contributions to information systems, both on the local and global level. IPM faculty research contributes significantly to Bentley University’s consistent ranking as one of the top 15-20 institutions in the world in the information systems field, based on publications in the field’s most selective journals.

For an overview of IPM department research, see the IPM Research Report page. 

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