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Housing and Meal Plan Medical Accommodation

Medical Accommodation Process:

Bentley residents with an existing medical condition, one which requires a specific style of housing, can petition the Residential Center to obtain a relevant accommodation in housing for the 2017–2018 academic year. The petition process for a Housing & Meal Plan Medical Accommodation is a pre-selection process, with all approved applicants securing an appropriate assignment before the regular 2017–2018 Housing Selection Process begins. Each applicant must complete the following steps to petition for a housing or meal plan medical accommodation:

  1. Carefully read the Guidelines for a Housing & Meal Plan Medical Accommodation (located on the back of this form) and complete this petition as thoroughly as possible.
  2. Submit a typed letter (from the applicant) detailing your current medical condition, clarifying the specific style of housing your condition requires and explaining why your condition requires such an accommodation.
  3. Submit supporting documentation from your medical specialist, detailing your official diagnosis, the impact (how it affects you), treatment plan (including any medications and side effects), and their recommendation including the style of housing needed to support this condition/why your condition requires such an accommodation. This documentation must be submitted on medical letterhead, include the date and your physician’s signature.
  4. If you have questions regarding the process, please schedule a meeting (781-891-2148) with the Assistant Director of Housing Operations in the Residential Center.

All petitions for incoming first-year, transfer, and exchange students entering housing for Fall 2017 must be submitted via fax (781-891-2505) or email ( by 4:00PM on Thursday, June 22, 2017. Each petition submitted to the Residential Center will be reviewed by the university’s Housing & Meal Plan Exemption Committee before final decisions are delivered. The committee’s decision on each petition will be sent to the applicant’s Bentley email address before the end of the day on Wednesday, July 12, 2017.

Any petition accepted by the committee will receive a housing offer with the email, as well as additional instructions that must be completed to finalize the process.

The Housing and Meal Plan Medical Accommodation Petition can be found here: