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Housing FAQs

Get answers to questions about resident halls and apartments, along with schedules, policies and contact information.

Local Resources (Shopping, Banks, Hotels, Storage, etc.)

Office and Contact Information

The Residential Center is located in Student Center 320 and our hours of operation are 8:30AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday with on-call staff members working each evening and through weekends. We welcome you to call us during business out hours at 781-891-2148 or to send an email to  During the summer, the office is open from 8:00AM to 5:30PM Monday through Thursday.

FAQ Topic Areas

On-Campus Processes

Holiday and Break Sessions

Housing Selection

Room Concerns

On-Campus Processes

When do residence halls open?

Bentley University residence halls open on a rolling basis, based on class year and location.

New Students: If you are participating in the MOSIAC program through the Multicultural Center, your move-in date is Monday, August 28.  If you are participating in the Residential Center Defined Communities, your move-in date is Tuesday, August 29.  If you are a new international student, your move-in date is Wednesday, August 30.  Please await further communication regarding the specifics of your move in dates and times.  

Returning Students: Your move-in date is Monday, September 4.  More information about specific move-in times will be sent out in late July.

When do residence halls close?

Bentley University residence halls are closed for the following breaks:

Winter Break
Only students with recognized and pre-approved needs will be permitted to stay in residence halls during this period.

Summer Break
Only students with recognized and pre-approved needs will be permitted to stay in residence halls after this date.

Please note: residence halls do not close for Undergraduate Mini-Break in October, Thanksgiving Break or Spring Break.

Can I apply to return to campus earlier?

If there is a valid reason to return to campus sooner, email to explain the situation and request permission.  The request should be no more than two days prior to your scheduled arrival date.

How much does on-campus housing cost?

All students who sign the Housing and Meal Plan Contract are responsible for the costs associated with their housing assignment and/or meal plan. Each housing option and meal plan has its own corresponding rate, which is charged per semester. Students are responsible for accessing and reviewing rates when requesting, or agreeing to, a room or meal plan change to an option with a different rate.

The 2023-2024 housing and meal plan rates can be found here: 2023-2024 Room & Board Rates.pdf

Is Spring Break and Thanksgiving Break included in the academic year cost?

Yes, the semester fee includes Spring Break and Thanksgiving Break. The Winter Break period in between semesters is not included and students must depart campus during that time. 

How do I appeal a damage fine?

If you are fined for dorm damage, you will receive an email with an itemization of your damage fines. You must fill out the link in the email to appeal any charges. More information regarding this process will be sent to you via email. 


Do I need renter's insurance?

The University will assume no liability, directly or indirectly, for loss or damage to personal property by fire, flood, theft, or any other cause. Every resident is encouraged to review their family’s personal property insurance coverage (if applicable) and to obtain appropriate coverage. Renters insurance may be another option depending on your personal circumstances.

Do residence halls have wireless internet access?

Wi-Fi internet access is available in all residence halls. Click here to submit a request for help if you have problems with accessing Wi-Fi on-campus.  

Do on-campus apartments have kitchens?

On-campus apartments have a stove and refrigerator. Plan to bring your own microwave, small kitchen appliances and dishes. 

Only North Campus apartments have microwaves.

Are there laundry facilities in each apartment building?

Laundry facilities can be found in each building, with the exception of the Falcones (laundry facilities are only in Falcone North). Washers and dryers operate by using LaundryConnect™.

Are the rooms furnished?

All rooms are provided with furniture. Each student in a room or apartment will have a bed, desk, chair, closet and bureau. 

Suite-type rooms also have a couch or chair for each student, as well as a micro/fridge in each unit.

Apartments also have a full kitchen, living room with couch and tables. The kitchens are not furnished with dishes, pots or pans; those are the responsibility of the students.

Furniture may not be removed from any of the rooms.

What items do I need to purchase and bring?

We suggest bringing:

  • Toiletry items (soap, shampoo, towels, floor towel, bathroom tissue, etc.)
  • Bed sheets, pillow case, blankets (extra-long)
  • Television
  • Microfridge
What will be in the room when I arrive?

Each room and apartment contains standard bedroom furniture and a mattress (80 inches, extra-long twin size), a bed frame, desk, chair, dresser and either a closet or wardrobe, depending on the layout of the room. You are expected to provide your own linens.

Apartment-style units also include a kitchen, a bathroom and some comfortable seating. The kitchen includes a sink, refrigerator and stove. In addition to linens, students in apartment-style housing will need bring their own kitchen, bathroom and cleaning supplies. Shower curtains are provided for the bathrooms.

What size are the beds?

All beds are extra-long twin size.


Residential Center Hours of Operation

The Residential Center's hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday with on-call staff members working each evening. We welcome you to call us during business hours at 781-891-2148 or send an email to

Holiday and Break Sessions

Can I stay on-campus during winter break?

Only students with pre-approval to stay on-campus will be permitted to stay in residence halls during winter break. Pre-approval is often granted to current athletes, work-study students, students with internships on-campus or nearby, and students with other valid reasons.

Students who remain on campus for work reasons (on- or off-campus) must provide confirmation from their supervisor stating they are needed and the dates they will be working.

How do I apply for Winter Break housing?

All students requesting on-campus housing during Wintersession must submit an online application. There is a strict series of application deadlines for winter recess housing applications.  

Submission of a housing application is not an approval or guarantee of winter recess housing. All approvals for winter recess housing are conditional and subject to being rescinded.

Students currently living in apartments are more likely receive approval; others will receive approval as space becomes available.

Does the academic-year fee include housing over winter break?

No, the semester fee does not include housing for Winter session.

Can I stay in my room over summer break?

We do offer summer housing. Look for the contract in early April.

Unfortunately, we do not allow students to remain in their academic-year housing assignments during the summer break.

What type of housing is available on-campus during the summer?

All summer undergraduate students stay in an on-campus apartment building. Graduate students are housed in North Campus D during the summer.

The apartments have full kitchens because there is minimal food service available during the summer.

You must apply for summer housing.

Is Spring Break and Thanksgiving Break included in the academic year cost?

Yes, the semester fee includes Spring Break and Thanksgiving Break. The Winter Break period in between semesters is not included and students must depart campus during that time. 

Housing Selection

How does the room selection process work?

Detailed information regarding room selection is emailed to current resident students in November. 

I want to change rooms. What should I do?

If you wish to request a room change before you move into your room (during the summer or right after room selection process), should submit a Room Change Request form online. 

If school is in session and you want to request a room change, meet with your Resident Assistant and your Resident Director.

I prefer a one-bedroom unit. Will I automatically be assigned a single?

A limited number of single accommodations are available on campus. Undergraduate students may select singles through the housing selection process, if any are available. 

Room Concerns

What should I do if I have a problem with my room?

For emergency issues, such as flooding, toilets not flushing, etc.:

  • Call the Residential Center at 781-891-2148 during business hours
  • Call the University Police at 781-891-2201 after hours

For non-emergent issues such as broken furniture, damage, etc., submit a work order online.

What should I do if basic furniture is missing from my room?

We do not remove any furniture from our residence halls unless it is damaged. If you find that furniture is missing, file a work order to request replacement furniture and reach out to your Residence Director.

Who should I contact if I'm having trouble with the laundry machines?

Email your Residence Director or log a ticket with Automatic Laundry.

Who should I contact if I'm having trouble accessing my Xfinity on Campus service?

E-mail with your problem or concern.

How do I submit a work order?

Work orders must be submitted online at If you have trouble with the system, contact Facilities Management at 781-891-2208.

How do I get my door combination or lock changed?

All combination or lock change requests are managed by the Residential Center Office.

If the combination is being changed because there was a change in occupancy within the room, it will be done at no charge. If you are requesting a change for other reasons, the charge is $17.


How do I find off-campus housing?

Students who choose to live off-campus may contact nearby apartment complexes, search here or get help from a local realtor’s office.

Are pets allowed?

Only fish are allowed in the residential buildings. Those found keeping pets illegally are subject to fines and judicial action. 

Authorized service or therapy animals are also permitted with formal approval by the Housing Accommodations Committee.

How do I reserve a lounge in one of the residence halls?

Student group lounge requests are approved by the Resident Director of the community. Please allow adequate time for your request to be reviewed before the day of your event.

The Residence Director will notify you if you are approved to use one of the lounges and will provide additional information or policies about use of the lounge.

How do I recycle in the residence halls?

Recycling information will be posted in your residence hall. We have one-stream recycling at Bentley; large dumpsters are outside the halls.

Can I have a candle in my room?

No. Candles are prohibited on campus. For a complete list of prohibited items, see the Student Handbook.

What are the conditions for residency?

The “Conditions for Residency” are policies set by the University, which cover administrative and safety issues associated with living in a residence hall. Refer to the Student Handbook for more information.

Can I hang flyers in the residence halls?

Approved posters, flyers, and banners may be posted on painted concrete block and other wall surfaces in lobbies, stairwells, and throughout the hallways.  Please avoid posting flyers directly on hall, suite, or apartment entrance doors.  Banners, posters, flyers or other signage may not be hung on the exterior of any buildings, windows, doors, etc. without express permission from the Residential Center.  You may not distribute flyers or other materials door to door within the residence halls.  Masking tape is the only tape approved on all surfaces deemed appropriate for posting. Approved materials may not be secured to any glass surfaces especially on entrance/exit doors. Sponsoring organizations and individuals are responsible for removing all postings within 2 (two) days after the event

What if my Bentley ID won't let me into my residence hall?

Contact the Card Office in the University Police station during working hours or call University Police after hours at 781-891-2201.

Who can I contact if I'm locked out of my room?

If you are locked out during business hours, contact your Resident Assistant. If you are unable to reach the RA, call the Residential Center at 781-891-2148. 

After hours, contact your Resident Assistant first. If you are unable to reach the RA, call University Police at 781-891-2201.

For more information, email

Can I work for the Residential Center?

Many positions are available for Bentley undergraduate students. Messaging regarding Resident Assistant positions will be sent out within the Fall semester and opportunities to become a Student Office Assistant can be found on Workday.