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Meal Plans

Meal Plan Rates

All listed prices are per student for the 2015-2016 academic year. Tuesday, September 22, 2015 is the fall semester deadline for residents of mandatory meal plan areas (suites and halls) to lower their meal plan. Students living in mandatory meal plan areas are required to have the Super Value, Value 15, or Value 12 (only for upperclass students) meal plan. Tuesday, February 2, 2016 is the spring semester deadline for residents of mandatory meal plan areas to lower their meal plan. Any changes made after these dates must be completed in person at the Residential Center.

Residents of any area can increase or add a meal plan at any time. 

Super Value

Meals: Unlimited
Discretionary: $350/semester
Annual: $5,720
Semester: $2,860

Value 15

Meals: 15/week
Discretionary: $375/semester
Annual: $5,600
​Semester: $2,800

Value 12

Meals: 12/week
Discretionary: $425/semester
Annual: $5,480
​Semester: $2,740

Seasons 60

Meals: 60/semester
Discretionary: $375/semester
Annual: $2,230
​Semester: $1,150

Apartment Plan

Meals: 25/semester
Discretionary: $750/semester
Annual: $2,200
​Semester: $1,100

To select or change your meal plan, log into MyBentley and select the following:

  1. Student Self-Service
  2. Student Services
  3. Select or Change Meal Plan. Select the term you would like to select or change for the meal plan and submit. 
  4. Select change, add or drop meal plan. If you are changing or adding a new meal plan, select the new plan you would like to have on record. 
  5. Select submit to complete the process. 

You remain financially responsible for your selected meal plan, until you modify your meal plan through MyBentley. Once the semester begins, you will be charged for the number of days you have been on the plan, regardless of use.