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Core curriculum

Class of 2013 and Later


General Education CoreGeneral Business Core

General Education Core Requirements (46-47 credits)

FS 111 First Year Seminar
1 credit

Required of all full-time day first year students in their first semester. The faculty member assigned to the course will serve as the student’s advisor through the first year.

IT 101 Information Technology and Computer System Concepts
3 credits

IT 101 will focus on computer concepts, providing a comprehensive and current introduction to information technology in general and computer system concepts in particular. IT 101 may be taken either semester and will generally be completed in the first year.

The Expository Writing Sequence
6 credits

*Expository Writing Coordinator: Bruce Herzberg

LIT Literature course
3 credits

May be fulfilled with any LIT or CIN course 

Humanities/Social Science Elective
3 credits

The Humanities Elective may be satisfied by completion of any communication (COM) course, cinema studies (CIN) course , media and culture course (MC), an additional literature, modern language, philosophy elective, some interdisciplinary courses. The Social Science Elective may be satisfied by completing any 200-level or higher behavioral sciences course (psychology, sociology); global studies, or history beyond the core requirement; some economics, interdisciplinary studies, or any 100-level law course.

PH 101 Problems of Philosophy
3 credits


HI History course
3 credits


EC 111 Principles of Microeconomics
3 credits


EC 112 Principles of Macroeconomics
3 credits


3 credits

  May be fulfilled with either GLS 100, 102, or 105

Behavioral Science elective (PS or SO)
3 credits


Mathematical Sciences I and II 
6 credits


1st course

2nd course

Track 1*

MA 131

MA 139

Track 2

MA 123

MA 126

Track 3

MA 123L

MA 126L

*Required of all Mathematical Sciences majors

NASC Natural science course with Lab
4 credits


*Mathematical 200-level or Natural Science 300-level Elective
3 credits

*  Computer Information Systems majors must complete a MA elective.  

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Business Core Requirements (27 credits)

First Year

GB 110 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business

GB 112 Tools & Concepts in Accounting and Finance

GB 212 Practice & Applications in Accounting & Finance

Sophomore Year

GB 213 Business Statistics

GB 214 Marketing-Operations Fundamentals

GB 215 Human Behavior and Organizations

Junior or Senior Year

GB 310 Business Processes and Systems

GB 320 Integrated Business Project

Senior Year

GB 410 Global Strategy

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Course Focus Requirements

Students must complete a course(s) in their curriculum that address the following competencies:

Communications Intensive

U.S. Diversity Intensive

Communications Intensive (Major)

International Intensive