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Competency Structure

Bentley uses a competency-based model for evaluating staff employees. This model includes three types of competencies: Bentley Citizenship, Targeted, and Role Specific. Competencies are listed and defined in our Competency Dictionary.

Citizenship Competencies

Bentley has identified three competencies that it expects every staff employee to have:   

  • Working with Differences
  • Commitment to Community
  • Communication  

Each of these citizenship competencies is critical to Bentley’s mission and to maintaining a vibrant, cohesive community that adheres to Bentley’s values.  

Targeted Competencies

Every staff job at Bentley is placed within a Job Family, and each Job Family has five targeted competencies. All positions within a Job Family will have the same targeted competencies. Supervisors and employees should be familiar with what Job Family the employee’s position is in and what the targeted competencies are for the employee’s position by reviewing our Competencies by Job Family chart.

Role Specific Competencies

Supervisors may also elect to evaluate employees on up to two additional role-specific competencies based on an employee’s job. Those competencies should be communicated to employees at the start of the performance period so that they understand what they will be evaluated on at the end of the year.