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Contingency Worker (Non-faculty) Policy


Independent Contractor

A worker who provides goods or services to Bentley and who is not an employee. Contact HR prior to making a commitment to an Independent Contractor to determine if the worker meets the legal definition of this classification. If HR determines the worker is not an Independent Contractor, we will explore Casual or Temporary Help options with you.

Temporary Help

A worker employed over 17 1/2 hours per week directly by Bentley in increments of ninety (90) days with a limit of two (2) ninety-day extensions (for total eligibility as a temp worker not to exceed 270 days). This worker may be rehired as a Temp worker only after a ninety (90) day resting period. Please contact HR for assistance in hiring a temp worker.

Casual Worker

A worker employed fewer than 17 1/2 hours per week, usually sporadically, to fill a peak need with no limitation of duration.

Contract Worker

A worker employed for an identified period of time generally known at the outset of the arrangement, and usually six (6) months to two (2) years in duration.

Please contact Joanne Cantone (x2878) or Beth Davies (x2294) with any questions regarding Contingency Worker classifications or processes.

Use of Temp Agencies

Human Resources encourages you to use an agency for your temporary, casual, and freelance contingency workers and recommends the following vendors for your temporary help needs: Professional Staffing Group (PSG), Adecco, and American Personnel. If you have a specialized need that cannot be handled by one of these agencies, please contact Beth Davies (x2294) or Angela Middleton (x2204) to assist in a recruitment effort. Please contact Trish Corbett (x2618) if you have any questions/concerns on funding your temp help position. Listed below is the contact information for each of these agencies:


Stephanie Bogue, Director


Robert Alsop, Account Executive
Jeff Long, Staffing Consultant

American Personnel:

Rob Patchett
617.350.0080 extension 269


Last Revised: 2/14/2012