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Performance Management

Bentley HR is pleased to open the new performance management process, CAP—Conversations About Performance. You provided your opinions on what you would like in this process, and we listened.

The elements of meaningful performance management are simple: be clear about performance expectations, provide resources and support, and, most importantly, provide regular feedback. Because the principles are simple, the process should be simple. CAP contains three elements for managers and employees: (1) a “Kick-off” meeting to set goals for the year), (2) Check-in meetings (at least two short conversations to be done at any time during the year to provide feedback and adjust goals to reflect any changes to priorities and workload), and (3) a Wrap-up meeting at the end of the cycle.  With CAP, far less writing will be required and managers and employees will have flexibility in how they use the system.

We will be using People Admin to administer the CAP.  To access the PeopleAdmin system, please click here.  

If you need help navigating the performance management module in PeopleAdmin, the following CAP User Guide is available. 

The 2017-2018 cycle will be May 1 – April 30.