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The Mmofra Trom Center

The primary goal of the Mmofra Trom Education Center is to provide access to education, health care, job skills training, and employment opportunities.

Olan Adjetey, director of the center, first visited Bentley in July 2005 to explore the potential for a partnership. Olan has since been back to Bentley in both 2007 and 2008 for continuing discussions about the Mmofra Trom Education Center’s five-year strategic plan and financial goals, as well as Bentley’s role going forward. Staff also includes two accountants, and a "school full" of adminstrators and teachers.



  • Raising the funds to cover the cost of leveling the regulation-sized football field
  • Installing the goal posts for the newly leveled football field
  • Supervising construction of the

Facilities in Place

  • Elementary school (grades pre-K-5)
  • Middle school (grades 6-8)
  • Regulation-sized soccer field
  • Girls dormitory
  • Boys dormitory
  • Kitchen and cafeteria
  • Two school buses
  • Fresh water well

Income-Producing Activities
that support the center's work with vulnerable children:

  • Mango orchard
  • Corn fields and vegetable garden
  • Tilapia fish pond
  • Rabbits, grasscutters and ducks
  • Chicken coop
  • Kiln and bead-making area
  • Kente-weaving looms and craft area
  • Computer training center
  • The Adjetey Olan Sports Academy
  • A medical facility is now under construction