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Catalyst for Business-Driven Impact

Focus Area 3

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  • Elevate the role of our academic centers by designing innovative learning experiences.
  • Strengthen engagement with corporate and institutional partners to help businesses tackle society’s most consequential challenges.

Selected Actions

  • Introduce new programs that focus on innovation and emerging technologies.
  • Manage the university’s academic centers in an effective and sustainable way that aligns with the strategic plan.
  • Help the university’s academic centers expand their external funding so they become financially self-sustaining and continue to assess their performance through periodic evaluations.
  • Establish Bentley as an authority on the role of business and society.
  • Position Bentley to actively seek, evaluate and pursue strategic alliances.

Bringing the Plan to Life

Transforming the Business of Health Care

A $5 million investment from Chris ’91 and Greg Smith ’91 will help create a new center that redefines the business of health and addresses the complex challenges of health today and tomorrow.

Understanding Americans' Perception of Business in Society

Bentley partners with Gallup to conduct a nationwide survey to understand if Americans think businesses are doing enough to make the world a better place.

Tiana Rossi Headshot
I loved working on the strategic plan. When I first got involved, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But after working on it together with faculty and staff, I know this strategic plan will point Bentley in the right direction, especially when it comes to elevating the student experience.
Tiana Rossi ’22
Student Government President (former)