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The clocktower at Bentley University

Culture and Values

Committee Charge

The core values and positive organizational principles that have been articulated and espoused as central to who we are as a university must transition from words on a page to lived, institutional norms that are aligned with our culture, demonstrated in our behaviors, and enacted in consistent ways. To be the institution of choice for the talented, driven and creative students, teachers and scholars, and staff members we aspire to attract, we must unite our community around a common vision of Bentley as its best self, creating a culture and a climate that works not just for some, but for all. To enable this evolution will require the continued democratization of information, the creation of more interconnected areas of excellence, and the empowerment of individuals within the organization to make impactful contributions, no matter their role or position. We must ensure that every member of the community feels a sense of belonging without sacrificing their identity by affirming, elevating and celebrating our commitment to become an increasingly just and equitable campus. We will be an institution that holds one another accountable for our behaviors defined by our values, while recognizing the potential and valuing the contributions of every member of the community.​

Committee Members

George Cangiano (co-chair) — Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Katie Lampley '96 (co-chair) — Vice President and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Laura Aiken ’05, MBA ’06 — Director, Graduate and Alumni Career Development

Ryan Bouldin — Associate Professor, Natural and Applied Sciences
Ty Chan — McCallum Graduate School of Business, class of 2022
Melanie Foley, MBA '02 — Trustee
Justin Grant — Senior Web Developer
Judy Malone — Vice President and General Counsel
Michael McCorvey — Director, Multicultural Center

Paul Stanish ’96 — Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Development
Nick Stavropoulos '79 — Trustee
Laurel Steinfield
— Associate Professor, Marketing

Shankar Venkataraman — Associate Professor, Accounting
Jonathan White — Director, Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Center / Associate Professor, Sociology

We Welcome Your Feedback

Input from our community is important to the success of this strategic positioning process. We look forward to hearing from you. You may submit feedback by emailing co-chairs Katie Lampley or George Cangiano directly, or by completing the form below.  

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Community Engagement Session Data and Feedback

All data and feedback from the community engagement sessions will be posted in a SharePoint document library for the Bentley community to access. New data and feedback will be posted after each session. 

View the Input from the Community