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Resource Stewardship, Revenue Growth and Diversification

Strategic Priority 3

Bentley must meaningfully grow its revenue and available resources, by expanding its reach and offerings into adjacent spaces, focusing on new programs (credit earning and non-credit earning), as well as developing partnerships and services that align to our core business strategy and brand. By doing so, the goal is to enhance available resource streams by a significant amount unrelated to undergraduate tuition and room/board. To achieve this increase and diversification of revenue and available resources, Bentley will add additional auxiliary/ancillary revenue streams, facilitate greater external research funding, and generate additional resources through advancement efforts to augment tuition. This healthier balance will allow the university to accumulate capital, protect its balance sheet, and reinvest in critical university strategic priorities, including those that can help make our campus more diverse, equitable and inclusive. To enable the university to reach this goal, we must also consider the alignment of current resources and efforts to allow the university to strategically invest in areas of growth. 

Committee Members

Maureen Forrester (co-chair) — Vice President for Administration and Finance and Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer 
Rick Oches (co-chair) — Dean of Arts and Sciences
Nancy Antunes  Associate Vice President, Finance and Risk Management
Nicole Chabot-Wieferich — Associate Dean of Student Engagement
Alina Chircu — Professor, Information and Process Management 
Dhaval Dave — Professor, Economics
Carolina Figueroa — Vice President for Enrollment Management
Noah Giansiracusa — Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Jeff Gulati — Professor, Global Studies; Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences
Kristen Haack — Director, Undergraduate Admission Marketing and Events
Aaron Jackson — Professor, Economics; Senior Associate Dean of Business
Tom Kane — Associate Vice President, Facilities Management
Alex Lewin — Associate Director, Business Management
Maria Monks Serrao — Assistant Vice President, Procurement and Campus Services
Sol Nasisi — Director, Digital Marketing
Tracy Noga — Professor, Accounting
Bill Pappas '94, MBA '95 — Trustee
Susan Richman — Director, Foundation Relations and Sponsored Programs
Natalie Schlegel, MBA ’08 — Executive Director, Cronin Office of International Education
Gaurav Shah, MBA ’02, MSHFID ’12 — Director, Academic Technology
Debora Spar — Trustee
Betsy Whipple — Associate Vice President, Capital Fundraising and Leadership Giving