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Student Experience

Committee Charge

Bentley University will thrive by defining and offering a holistic, rigorous student experience that is distinct and distinguished. Operating at the intersection of business and the arts and sciences has separated Bentley from our competitors, but our long-term relevancy and sustainability is dependent on our ability to strengthen that commitment, bring it to life, and offer a truly transformative experience for every student before they graduate.

Students must be immersed in an experience that provides meaningful opportunities to prove they are the capable business leaders of tomorrow by learning how to be a force for good in the world through experiential education. Students will be expected to approach business problems with creativity, preparing for a diverse global marketplace defined by innovation. And they will understand, appreciate and champion diversity, equity and inclusion as core principles that make business, their communities and the world stronger. Bentley will empower students to develop the requisite knowledge and skills to achieve these goals by providing supportive and affirming learning environments inside and outside the classroom.

Committee Members

Andrew Shepardson (chair) — Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Liz Brown — Associate Professor, Law and Taxation
Michelle Dabenigno  Associate Director, Student Programs & Engagement
A.J. Darcey — Assistant Director, Graduate Projects and Engagement
Rob DeLeo — Associate Professor, Global Studies
Leslie Doolittle — Executive Director, Academic Support Services
Alyssa Hammond — Director, Undergraduate Career Development
Linda Edelman Professor, Management
Joyce J. Elam — Trustee
Liz Hess — Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Erin Kelley  Associate Dean, Assurance of Learning and Accreditation
Anthony Majer  Assistant Director, Student Conduct and Development

Susan G. O’Connell ’90 — Trustee
Tzarina Prater — Associate Professor, English and Media Studies
Tiana Rossi  — Student, class of 2022
Brian Shea ’14 — Senior Associate Director, Programs and Center Operations, BSLCE
Zoë Wagner  Assistant Dean, First-Year Academic Discovery and Lecturer, Natural and Applied Sciences

Vaughn Williams Director, Athletics
Lan Xia Professor, Marketing
Laura J. Young ’10 — Associate Professor, Economics

We Welcome Your Feedback

Input from our community is important to the success of this strategic positioning process. We look forward to hearing from you. You may submit feedback by emailing co-chairs Donna Maria Blancero or Andrew Shepardson directly, or by completing the form below.  

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Community Engagement Session Data and Feedback

All data and feedback from the community engagement sessions will be posted in a SharePoint document library for the Bentley community to access. New data and feedback will be posted after each session. 

View the Input from the Community