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Off-Campus Students

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Last Updated: Jan. 21, 2020

Access to campus

Off-campus students will not be permitted on campus until after Feb. 1 except to receive a COVID-19 screening test or if they have written permission from appropriate staff (e.g for work on campus). To change your access to campus, please complete the form below. Resident students are automatically included in the Screening Test Program and do not need to complete this form. Non-resident students who wish to come to campus must be enrolled in the Screening Test Program, and can do so using this form.

Change Your Access to Campus Form

Weekly Screening Tests

All off-campus students who plan to be on campus are required to be enrolled in the weekly screening test program. Set a screening test appointment for each week of the spring term starting January 19–21. Set an appointment each week, preferably on the same weekday, for every week of the term through the end of the term on April 30, 2021. You need to set each weekly appointment individually; a single appointment does not automatically recur each week.

Students who recently recovered from COVID-19 should schedule screening tests starting 3 months after the date of their positive test. Students who were diagnosed by a provider other than the Bentley Health Center must upload a copy of their positive test result or a letter from the diagnosing provider to the Bentley Health Portal to verify their exemption from screening tests.

Visiting Campus

Before coming to campus, please complete the Daily Symptom Checker. Classrooms, meeting rooms and common areas will have capacity limitations posted and in many cases will be reconfigured to allow for proper distancing. Many administrative offices will function by appointment only and will meet with students virtually. Offices that meet with students in person will have Plexiglas partitions. Non-resident students and all Bentley community members are required to wear a clean face covering at all times while on campus, whether indoors or outside.

Access to Non-Residential Facilities

Once in-person classes resume on Feb. 1, students will have access to non-residential facilities like the student center, campus labs, the Trading Room, the Bentley Arena and the library. However, some locations may require advance notification or scheduled meeting times. You can expect to hear from specific offices about these guidelines. 

Many classroom and administrative buildings will be locked and will require your Bentley ID to enter. If you plan to attend any on-campus classes or events, please carry your Bentley ID. To obtain a new ID, fill out and submit this form.

Flu Vaccine Requirement

All undergraduate and graduate students who attend any classes or activities on campus, even once, are required to receive a flu vaccination by January 15, 2021 (an extension of the original December 31, 2020 deadline). If you plan to access campus in 2021, you must be 100% compliant with all required immunizations AND submit the appropriate documentation through the Bentley Health Portal.

Expected Behavior

As part of our community-wide effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, off-campus students who want to visit campus must register for and participate in the weekly screening process. Students who are identified on campus without having been properly screened will be asked to leave and referred to the Student Conduct office. Before visiting campus, students are asked to fill out the Daily Symptom Checker. Once you are on campus, please follow the health and safety guidelines that the university requires in accordance with orders from the state of Massachusetts. These include proper social distancing, healthy hygiene practices, and the wearing of a face covering. All policies in the Student Handbook apply to students whether they live on campus or off campus.

Student Conduct Policy Addendum

Quarantining at Home

If you are required to isolate or quarantine while at home or off campus, please follow these directions provided by the State of Massachusetts. We recommend you prepare for this beforehand, thinking about how you will receive food, water, clothes and other daily essentials. If you have been on campus within 10 days of exposure or within 10 days of experiencing first symptoms, please contact Bentley Health Services and your local off-campus health administration. Bentley contact tracers may contact you as well. Unfortunately, Bentley will not be able to provide quarantine needs for non-resident students. 

Be True to Our Bentley Core Values

Over the last 52 years since Bentley’s move from downtown Boston to Waltham, we have built a positive relationship with Waltham city officials, local businesses and neighbors. As current Falcons, you are direct representatives of our university and our core values. Please be responsible and hold one another accountable. Follow the policies in the Bentley Student Handbook and the Endangering Health and Safety addendum. If we work together, we can keep each other healthy and help each other through this unprecedented time.