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Spring 2021 Guidelines

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Last Updated: Mar. 23, 2021

Spring 2021 Calendar

The spring trimester will begin on Tuesday, Jan. 19 and end on Friday, April 30. Specific dates to note include: 

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day will be observed on Jan. 18 with no classes held and administrative offices closed.
  • Patriots’ Day will be observed on April 19 with no classes held and administrative offices closed.
  • In addition to Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Patriots’ Day, three additional days with no classes will be incorporated into the academic calendar. These days will be non-consecutive and the specific dates will be determined with the input of various student groups. More details will be shared at the start of the spring trimester. Student Programs & Engagement will work closely with student groups to plan engaging programming for these additional days off. Administrative offices will remain open on these days.
  • Senior Week is an important Bentley tradition. We are working on options for safely holding a Senior Week this year, including the possibility of using the days immediately following Commencement. The Senior Class Cabinet is working on various proposals and we are supporting their efforts.
Spring Term Screening Appointments

Residential students will be required to test twice each week not on back-to-back days. Non-residential students enrolled in the screening test program will continue to test once per week and are reminded that they must start their testing appointments this week in order to access campus for the spring term.

  1. Set your appointments on the Bentley Health Portal at Refer to for detailed instructions on setting appointments.
  2. Make sure to select the reason COVID-19 Screening Test for the spring term screening tests, not the limited pre-arrival test dates.
  3. Set the first appointment within 7 days after your move-in date. Non-residential students must set a screening test appointment for each week of the spring term starting January 19–21.
  4. Set an appointment each week, preferably on the same weekdays, for every week of the term through the end of the term on April 30, 2021. You need to set each weekly appointment individually; a single appointment does not automatically recur each week.

Screening testing for the spring term will be in the lobby of Adamian Academic Center. Participants will be expected to come to the screening site at their scheduled time or reschedule the appointment as necessary.

Students who have been given access to the test/screen program are required to stay current within the testing program. To maintain on campus privileges, students must make and keep their screening test appointments and may only miss a screening only for an excused reason such as illness or quarantine. Students who miss screening tests without excuses are subject to fines, probation and/or removal from housing (with no refund) and/or banned from accessing campus.

Students who recently recovered from COVID-19 should schedule screening tests starting 3 months after the date of their positive test. Students who were diagnosed by a provider other than the Bentley Health Center must upload a copy of their positive test result or a letter from the diagnosing provider to the Bentley Health Portal to verify their exemption from screening tests.

Off-Campus Travel

We continue to advise against leaving campus for any overnight stays. Students who must leave campus are required to complete the “Off Campus Travel Form,” which can be found in the Housing Portal under “Forms & Applications.

Returning students must complete two on-campus tests on non-consecutive days (the day they arrive and at least two days later) and must remain in self-quarantine, leaving their room only for testing and take-out food pickup, until getting a negative result from both tests.

Resources for students in quarantine or isolation

Flu Vaccination Requirements

All undergraduate and graduate students who attend any classes or activities on campus, even once, are required to receive a flu vaccination by January 15, 2021 (an extension of the original December 31, 2020 deadline). If you plan to access campus in 2021, you must be 100% compliant with all required immunizations AND submit the appropriate documentation through the Medicat Student Health Portal.

Residential Students- You will not be allowed to move into your housing if you have not complied with this mandate. With a waitlist for housing, your space may be reassigned to another student prior to move-in if you have not submitted all necessary documentation. Any student arriving on campus without completing the steps below will be immediately required to leave campus and learn remotely either from home or a hotel until immunizations and documentation are completed.

Non-residential Students- Students who have not complied with this mandate will not be allowed on campus for spring 2021 at any time for any reason. You will not be allowed into the screen-testing protocol. Please note that if this is not completed on time you may not be allowed to participate in the COVID-19 Screening Test Program for the entire spring trimester.

How to confirm you are in compliance- Log into the Medicat Student Health Portal at Your username is your Bentley email address. The password is your Bentley email password. The home page details instructions for entering and uploading immunizations, completing the Health History Questionnaire and the TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire. You will also be able to select the messages tab to see secure messages sent to you about missing requirements, compliance and health information.

Select the Immunization tab, click the “What else is missing” link to see what immunizations you are compliant and noncompliant with. Follow the detailed instructions on the home page for entering the immunizations you are missing by the date of administration and then click submit. You are not done! Next, upload the supporting vaccination(s)/immunization record to the portal as instructed under the Uploads tab which allows the health services staff to verify the immunizations you have entered.

You can print your immunization record from the home page if you need a copy of this record.

Contact Tracing

Students who are known to have had a close contact with a suspected positive or tested positive case will be contacted by the state Community Tracing Collaborative (CTC) and/or Bentley University contact tracers. It is critical (and required by the COVID addendum to the student handbook) that students answer fully and honestly all the questions asked by the contact tracers. Information provided for contact tracing purposes will not be used by the university in the student conduct process. Students who fail to fully cooperate with contact tracers will, however, be subject to a conduct process. 

Health and Safety Protocols

All COVID-19 protocols will continue to apply for the spring trimester:

  • Face coverings and physical distancing will be required.
  • In-person gatherings where responsible distancing cannot be observed will be strictly prohibited.
  • Weekly COVID-19 screening test appointments will continue to be required for all on-campus students, commuting students, faculty and staff.