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IAPBD Report

Bentley Center for Marketing Technology has collaborated with IAPBD (International Association of Professional Brochure Distributors) to research the impact of travel and hospitality literature in hotels across Europe.

The results reveal interesting and useful trends in tourist information, and how it is used and valued by tourists. This survey data suggests that any hotel considering the removal of printed material from their property and relying only on digital information should think twice before acting. 

Download the full report here:



Mindful Consumption?

Dr. Pierre Berthon provocatively explores the origins and nature of modern consumption and asks whom it is that consumes as he redefines the notion of mindful consumption for a post-consumption age.

Faced with mounting evidence of climate change and eco-system destruction, the sustainability of our consumption practices is being questioned. Should we be more “mindful” about consumption, reduce the amount and frequency of what we consume and forego luxury goods. 

Full video of the presentation:
Mindful Consumption