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Commencement 2020 will be held later this year. Click here for Commencement info. For all updates, visit:

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Patricia Aucoin
Executive Program Coordinator, Office of Academic Services
Jennison Hall 325
Muriel Auguste
Building Services Worker, Building Services
Maintenance Building 201
Andy Aylesworth
Associate Professor, Senate Chair and Department Chair, Marketing
Morison Hall 216
Frank Azzolino
Adjunct Lecturer, Marketing
Morison Hall 242
Tamara Babaian
Professor, Computer Information Systems
Smith Technology Center 404
Donna Bacchiocchi
Manager, Library Technical Services, Library
Bentley Library 007
Dana Bache
Assistant Director, Student Financial Services, Financial Operations
Rauch Admin. Center 132D
Fred Bachofner
Manager, Help Desk and Mobile Computing, IT Client Services
Bentley Library 040
Anne Baker
Academic Coordinator II, Information and Process Management
Smith Technology Center 324B
Christiana K Bakolas
Assistant Coach, Women's Basketball, Athletics
DAN 168C
Cassie Balzarini
Residence Director, Residential Center
Cedar Hall-111
Jamie Bang
Assistant Director, Student Conduct and Development, Student Affairs
Student Center 320J
Michael Banks
Adjunct Lecturer, Computer Information Systems
Smith Technology Center 125C
Matt Banks
Assistant Director, Diversity and Inclusion, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
LaCava Campus Center-166
Sarah Barker
Assistant Director, Financial Assistance, Financial Assistance
Rauch Admin. Center 122
Will Barnes
Adjunct Lecturer, Philosophy
Morison Hall 111
Albert Barnor
Adjunct Lecturer, Economics
Adamian Academic Center 268
Michael Baron
Adjunct Assistant Professor, English and Media Studies
Morison Hall 104
Theodore Bartkus
Police Officer, University Police
Campus Police 104
Geoffrey Bartlett
Director, Emergency Management, Office of Dean for Student Affairs
175 Forest Street
Michelle Barton
Visiting Associate Professor, Management
Adamian Academic Center-326
Nora Basile
Nurse Practitioner, Health Center
Rhodes Hall 008
Taylor Bastien
Head Coach, Women's Lacrosse, Athletics
DAN 161
Natalie Baucum
Visiting Assistant Professor, Marketing
Morison Hall 240
Cara A Bauer
Leadership Gifts Officer, Development
LaCava Campus Center 276A
Myrlene Bazile
Senior Program Assistant, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
LaCava Campus Center 165
Thomas R Beardsley
Adjunct Lecturer, History
Morison Hall-320
Von Beckford
Adjunct Lecturer, English and Media Studies
Adamian Academic Center-074
Guy Bellino
Adjunct Lecturer, Global Studies
Morison Hall 115
Brandon Beloin
Assistant Coach, Track and Field, Athletics
DAN 168F
Joseph Belsito
Club Coach, Sailing, Student Programs & Engagement
Student Center 330
Isaura Beltre
Lecturer, Marketing
Morison Hall-149G
Chris Beneke
Professor and Academic Integrity Coordinator, History
Morison Hall 187
Laura Bentley
Assistant Director, International Education, Cronin Office of International Ed
Adamian Academic Center 161B
Iris Berdrow
Associate Professor and MBA Director, Management
Adamian Academic Center 306
Paul Berger
Visiting Professor and MSMA Director, Marketing
Morison Hall 351
Maria Bergmann
Accounting Specialist, Financial Operations
Rauch Admin. Center 016D
Jared Berman
Residence Director, Residential Center
Forest Hall Suites-004
Michael Bernatchez
Adjunct Lecturer, Marketing
Morison Hall 236
Gordon F Berridge IV
Associate Director, Graduate Admission, Graduate Admissions
LaCava Campus Center 295D
Pierre Berthon
Professor and Clifford Youse Chair, Information Design and Corporate Communication
Morison Hall 250
Elizabeth Bethoney
Adjunct Lecturer, Finance
Morison Hall-339
Robyn Betts
Director, Project Management Office, Project Management Office
Lindsay Hall 36
Moinak Bhaduri
Assistant Professor, Mathematical Science
Morison Hall 373
Ted Bibeau
Assistant Coach, Men's Lacrosse, Athletics
DAN 120
Kenzy Bien-Aime
Building Services Worker, Building Services
Maintenance Building-201
Elias Bikhazi
Senior Lecturer and Director Eco-Fi-Stat Learning Center, Economics
Adamian Academic Center 122A
Richard Bittle
Moving Specialist, Grounds
Maintenance Building 109
Nicole Black
Associate Director, Graduate Academic Advising, Graduate Academic Services
Jennison Hall 332
David Blair
Adjunct Assistant Professor, English and Media Studies
Morison Hall 104