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Jonathan D Ericson
Assistant Professor, Information Design and Corporate Communication
Morison Hall 289
Vincent Eruzione
Manager of Athletic Operations and Marketing/Promotions, Athletics
DAN 118
Herbert Eskot
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Economics
Adamian Academic Center 268
Meghan Esson
Assistant Professor Economics, Economics
Adamian Academic Center-179
Jenna Evans
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Natural and Applied Sciences
Jennison Hall-143
Dan Everett
Professor, Sociology
Morison Hall 188
Haldun Evrenk
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Economics
Morison Hall-123
Zoe F. Wagner
Lecturer and Associate Director, Honors Program, Natural and Applied Sciences
Jennison Hall 113
John Falletti
Senior Data Warehouse Developer/Administrator, Data Management and Application Services
Lindsay Hall 16J
Greg Farber
Senior Lecturer and Director Writing Center, English and Media Studies
Bentley Library 023A
Brooks Farry
Head Athletic Trainer, Athletics
DAN 066
Jane Fedorowicz
Chester B. Slade Professor, Accountancy
Adamian Academic Center 206
Caren Feldman
Adjunct Lecturer, Accountancy
Adamian Academic Center-280
Diane Ferguson
Administrative Assistant II, Undergraduate Admission
LaCava Campus Center 104B
Tracy Fernald
Business Systems Analyst II, Business Intelligence and Enrollment Systems
Rauch Admin. Center 003B
Cynthia S Fernandes
Adjunct Lecturer, Accountancy
Adamian Academic Center 280
Isabel Fernandez
Adjunct Lecturer, Modern Languages
Morison Hall-343
Ron Fetter
Associate Director, Financial Assistance, Financial Assistance
Rauch Admin. Center 110
Riley M Fickett
Assistant Director, Student Programs and Engagement, Student Programs & Engagement
Student Center 330C
Bonnie Field
Professor, Global Studies
Morison Hall 384
Carolina Figueroa
Vice President for Enrollment Management, Office of VP for Enrollment Mgmt.
Rauch Admin. Center 324
Neena Fink
Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center, Pulsifer Center for Career Services
LaCava Campus Center-225C
Thomas Finn
Adjunct Lecturer, English and Media Studies
Morison Hall 104
Christine Finn
Lead Operations and Records Assistant, Registrar
Rauch Admin. Center 101A
Courtney Finn
Associate Athletic Director and Senior Woman Administrator, Athletics
DAN 173D
Marc Firenze
Adjunct Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences
Morison Hall-310
Tom E Fisher
Assistant Director, Trades, Trades/Building Operations
Maintenance Building 231C
George Fishman
Senior Lecturer, Natural and Applied Sciences
Jennison Hall 109
James Fitz Gerald
Lecturer, English and Media Studies
Adamian Academic Center-076
Jennifer Flagel
Associate Vice President of Enrollment and Dean, Graduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions
175 Forest Street
Edgar Flores
Building Services Worker, Building Services
Maintenance Building-201
Jenna Floster
Associate Director, Web and Digital Communications, Advancement Communication
LaCava Campus Center 292D
Pat Flynn
Trustee Professor, Economics
Morison Hall 316
Erin Flynn
Lecturer and GB320 Coordinator, Marketing
Morison Hall 237
Katherine Fondo
Environmental and Health Safety Specialist, Life Safety
Maintenance Building-204
Yaro Fong-Olivares
Director, Corporate Education, Center for Women and Business
LaCava Campus Center 298B
Hope Forbes
Staff Psychologist, Counseling Center
Campus Police 212
Anthony Forcione
Adjunct Lecturer, Finance
Morison Hall-339
Rachel Ford
Senior Library Access Services Coordinator, Library
Bentley Library 035
David Ford
Senior Leadership Gifts Officer, Development
LaCava Campus Center 276C
Peter Forkner
Director, Counseling Center, Counseling Center
Campus Police 214
Cathryn Forrest
Administrative Assistant I, Financial Assistance
Rauch Admin. Center-104A
Maureen Forrester
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer / Treasurer, Office of VP for Admin & Finance
Rauch Admin. Center-330
Jeffrey Foust
Jewish Chaplain, Spiritual Life Center
Student Center 334
Brian Fox
Assistant Professor, Management
Adamian Academic Center 313
Al Franchi
Varsity Athletic Team Physician, Athletics
DAN 066
Roberta Francis
Executive Assistant, Office of the Provost, Office of Provost & VP Acad Affairs
Rauch Admin. Center 316A
Joseph Frantel
Assistant Coach, Swim Team, Athletics
DAN 072B
Michelle Fredette
Senior Operations and Records Assistant, Registrar
Rauch Admin. Center 111
Alan Freed
Adjunct Lecturer, Accountancy
Adamian Academic Center 278