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Dave Gulley
Professor and Chair, Economics
Adamian Academic Center 189
Neelangi Gunasekera
Senior Program Assistant, Valente Center
Adamian Academic Center-237
Erik S Gupp
Associate Director, Digital Marketing, Marketing Services
Rauch Admin. Center 208B
Atul Gupta
Professor, Finance
Morison Hall 326
Lee Gustafson
Adjunct Lecturer, Marketing
Morison Hall-236
Alison Guzman
Assistant Professor, Modern Languages
Morison Hall 317
Lindsay Haddad
Assistant Director, Budget, Financial Operations
Rauch Admin. Center 020
Susan S Hahn
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Philosophy
Morison Hall-111
Kelly Haley
Senior Business Systems Analyst, Data Management and Application Services
Lindsay Hall 14H
Greg Hall
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Natural and Applied Sciences
Morison Hall 147
Alyssa Hammond
Director, Undergraduate Career Services, Pulsifer Center for Career Services
LaCava Campus Center 225P
Haijing Hao
Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems
Smith Technology Center 408
Samantha Harding-Commane
Application Support Specialist, Graduate Admissions
LaCava Campus Center 295M
Karen Harn
Senior Program Assistant, Development
LaCava Campus Center 276K
Nancy Harnden
Senior Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences
Jennison Hall 222
Dana Harrell
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Finance
Morison Hall 122
Juliana Harrison
Program Assistant, CISI, Natural and Applied Sciences
Jennison Hall-143
William Hart
Painter, Trades/Building Operations
Maintenance Building 201
Ann Harte
Director, Risk Management and Financial Policy, Office of VP for Admin & Finance
Rauch Admin. Center-125
Danielle Hartigan
Associate Professor and Director, Health TLN, Natural and Applied Sciences
Jennison Hall 106
Bill Hartman
Adjunct Lecturer, Information Design
Smith Technology Center 121
Ali Hasanov
Senior Network Security Engineer, Systems, Networks and Telecom (SNT)
Lindsay Hall 18C
Dominique Haughton
Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Morison Hall 386
Shawn Hauserman
Associate Director, Service Learning, Service Learning Center
Morison Hall 101D
Michael Hawley
Adjunct Lecturer, Information Design and Corporate Communication
Morison Hall 141
Natalie B Hayes
Associate Director, Office of Sustainability, Office of Sustainability
Dove Cote 205
Susan C Hayes
Executive Assistant to the President, Office of the President
Rauch Admin. Center 303A
John Hayward
Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Law and Taxation
Morison Hall 129
Casey Hayward
Associate Professor and ESOL Director, English and Media Studies
Adamian Academic Center 087
Helen Henrichs
Senior Associate Director, News and Communications, Strategic Communications
Rauch Admin. Center 202D
Melissa Henriquez
Residence Director, Residential Center
Nathan R. Miller Hall-006
Maria Hernandez
Building Services Worker, Building Services
Maintenance Building 201
Ranjoo Herr
Professor, Philosophy
Morison Hall 225
Jose Herrera
Floor Care Specialist/Foreperson, Building Services
Maintenance Building 201
Michael Herron
Head Coach, Golf, Athletics
DAN 168A
Anne Herzog-Rousseau
Nurse Practitioner, Health Center
Rhodes Hall 005
Joyce Higgins
Lecturer, Computer Information Systems
Smith Technology Center-416
Haileigh Hildreth
Business Analyst I, Business Intelligence and Enrollment Systems
Rauch Admin. Center-003
Michael Hill
Assistant Director, Intramural/Assistant Baseball Coach, Athletics
DAN 173A
Nicole Hill
Lecturer, Natural and Applied Sciences
Jennison Hall-111
Andrew Himmer
Police Officer, University Police
Campus Police 104
Justin A Hipp
Enterprise Integration and Application Principal, Data Management and Application Services
Lindsay Hall 16N
Alex Hirs
Director, Academic Administration and Planning & Chief of Staff, Office of the Provost, Office of Provost & VP Acad Affairs
Rauch Admin. Center-300A
Nathaniel Hodes
Lecturer, English and Media Studies
Adamian Academic Center 078
Rani Hoitash
John E. Rhodes Professor, Accountancy
Adamian Academic Center 279
Todd Holden
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Sociology
Morison Hall 106
Robert G Holdway
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Law and Taxation
Morison Hall 122
Mary Holley
Adjunct Lecturer, Information and Process Management
Smith Technology Center 324B
Christina Hollis
Athletic Trainer, Athletics
DAN 066
Michael Holm
Adjunct Assistant Professor, History
Morison Hall 306