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Be a force in analytics with Bentley University

Analytics Graduate Certificates & Master's Degrees

On-Demand Learning for In-Demand Skills

Bentley University's analytics graduate certificates and master's degree programs are at the forefront of where data meets business. Students learn to leverage their understanding of data analytics both in and outside of the database, bridging the gap between the boardroom and business intelligence.

Whether you're interested in upskilling as a beginner, or deep diving datasets as an advanced user, Bentley's certificates and master's degrees run the gamut of graduate study in business intelligence. 

Graduate Certificates

Foundations of Data Analytics

Gain foundational programming skills for analytics tasks across organizations and manipulate large data sets with ease. Get hands-on with the analytics and visualization of big data transactions, sensor data, and web logs. Students in this certificate program develop strong skills in the use of SQL for database definition and manipulation, and development with Python.


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Managing with Analytics

Managers who can harness the power of data-driven insights will significantly increase their effectiveness within an organization. This certificate will give you the knowledge and language to interface with data scientists and data analysts and then provides the frameworks and perspectives on which data to collect, how to organize the data, and then use it to make smarter, more useful decisions.


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Data Science Essentials

The number of data scientist jobs is expected to double by 2023 with an average salary of $104,000. This technical certificate is designed for someone with excellent analytical and mathematical skills who is interested in taking the next step to learn the math, statistics, and tools necessary to extract and communicate valuable insight from large data sets.


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Cybersecurity Risk Management

The need for qualified cybersecurity experts is expanding, and the number of cybersecurity jobs will increase 30% by 2023, with an average salary of $96,000. Bentley's cybersecurity certificate will provide you with the cross-disciplinary foundation to obtain any number of professional certifications, including those from CompTIA, ISACA, Cloud Security Alliance, and (ISC)2.


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Flexibility Meets Stackability

Certificate students who complete their program are eligible to waive many requirements for admission to our MBA or Master of Science (MS) programs. Complete your certificate program in three courses, with two required courses and a third you select to customize your education.

Master's Degrees

Master's in Accounting Analytics

The high demand for accounting graduates with strong data and analytics skills is the reason why Bentley created a degree for students interested in audit firm practices such as risk management and process assurance. Here you’ll learn to not only analyze data, but to translate and communicate it throughout your entire organization.


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Master's in Business Analytics

Develop the skills top employers need, including advanced statistics, machine learning and data mining, programming and data management. Big data has become big business, and as the field grows so does the demand for qualified professionals with deep analytical experience.


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