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a group poses in front of the Great Benefactor's tribute

The Great Benefactors Society — those who have given $1 million or more to Bentley over their lifetime — gathered last fall to celebrate and induct new members. These generous donors, an esteemed group of more than 50 and growing quickly, are visionary leaders who have helped build Bentley into what it is today. In 2017, as part of Bentley’s centennial celebration, a tribute was installed in the heart of campus — behind the library, where knowledge is cultivated and the seeds of future leadership are sown. A fitting home, since the impact that Great Benefactors have made is at the heart of Bentley itself.

Bentley’s a really special place to me and I couldn’t be here without your support.

From being the driving force behind the move from Boston to Waltham in the 1960s to investing in the latest innovative programs, Bentley’s Great Benefactors know what it takes to continually propel the institution forward. “This is really about Bentley: celebrating its past, honoring its present and embracing its future,” says Rob Alan ’91, trustee and one of the seven Great Benefactors inducted. “I’m blessed to have been in the position to honor Bentley in this way and I look forward to more years to come.” Chris Smith ’91, MBA ’92, P ’19 ’24 agrees: “It’s about family, generational giving and being part of a community.” The sentiments were emphasized during a warm celebration — honoring one another, fostering friendships and looking forward to continued growth together.

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