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Seminar Topics

Economics of Globalization

The objective of this seminar is to gain a better understanding of important economic and social issues of globalization and acquire the skills necessary to understand and interpret economic events from around the world.  The seminar will use economic analysis to examine the 

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controversial aspects of globalization and its consequences for developed and developing economies.  It will also include a discussion of the evolution of globalization and the role of international organizations in promoting a sustainable lgobal economic growth.  The seminar will require participants to read the works of Nobel Prize winners and well-known scholars and come to each class session prepared for class discussions and debates.

Globalization and the Rise of Multinationals from the Emerging Economies

For as long as the multinational corporations have existed, they have originated from the developed countries.  While globalization has opened new markets for developed country multinationals, it has also led to the creation of new multinationals from emerging economies.  Emerging market multinationals have unique advantages.  They are heavily supported be their governments.  In addition, they avoid the disadvantages of the first movers.  On the other hand, they lack the competitive advantages of traditional multinationals such as experience, resources, and reputation.  Their rapid growth is changing the dynamics of competition in many industries.

The seminar examines the evolution of emerging market multinationals and its effect on competitive strategies of devloped market MNCs.  Students will be able to compare MNCs from Brazil, China, India, and Russia and their impact on the global markets place through case studies and group projects.

Global Marketing Simulation

Global marketing’s main job is to create customer value in the global marketplace. This seminar focuses on how managers evaluate global market opportunities and develop market entry and expansion strategies in order to create customer value internationally.  The primary challenge is to decide if the marketing strategies will be strictly local, global, or adapted from other markets. Through a highly challenging computer simulation, students gain knowledge of tools for analysis as well as issues related to the structuring and controlling of marketing programs for both global and emerging economies.

Transforming the Enterprise with Social Networking and Web 2.0 Technologies

The Internet has evolved from a communications network to a global computer network that links people, their ideas, and their information.  This seminar Bentley Library Green Spacelooks at new technology developments and business opportunities that are possible as the Internet and World Wide Web continue to develop.  Using recent white papers, blog posts, and journal articles to provide theoretical background, and hands-on exercises to gain practical experience, participants will investigate social media and social networking tools, cloud computing applications, and data management techniques, to better evaluate how social networking and Web 2.0 technologies benefit both consumers and the enterprise.

This seminar discusses particularly from the North American perspective how innovative organizations are using advanced IT solutions to transform the way they do business and how they discover new opportunities created by new technologies. The seminar covers several examples using cases and published reports, and its goal is to help participants understand how they can enable and encourage similar technology-based innovation processes. The seminar emphasizes the importance of understanding both business and technology in making IT-based business innovation a reality.

World-class Service

The service sector is growing significantly in every one of the world's economies, and represents a major portion of the economies in the more advanced countries.  In addition, many manufacturing companies now recognize that they can obtain a competitive advantage in the marketplace with their products by providing their customers with outstanding service.  For both of these reasons, there has been an increased emphasis in the study of service management.

This course will provide students with and introduction to the major elements of service management and reinforce these concepts with visits to some of the world class businesses in the Greater Boston area.  These visits will provide students with a firsthand opportunity to see some of these companies in operation and to meet with their managers to discuss how they provide outstanding service to their customers.