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Apostille Information

An Apostille is a document issued only by the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth that verifies the authenticity of the signature on the document; the capacity in which the person signing the document acted; and the identity of any stamp or seal affixed to the document. The Apostille is a specific form of authentication for countries that participate in the Hague Convention of 1961.

Apostille walk-in:
You may bring in your request to any of our three offices. The addresses are as follows:

  • Secretary of the Commonwealth
    Commissions Section
    One Ashburton Place, Room 1719
    Boston, MA 02108
    617-727-2836 • Website
  • Secretary of the Commonwealth
    436 Dwight Street, Room 102
    Springfield, MA 01103
    413-784-1376 • Information 
  • Secretary of the Commonwealth
    218 South Main Street
    Suite 206, Fall River, MA 02721
    508-646-1374 • Information 

What do I need to check before I present my documents for authentication?
1. That the Notary Public has signed his/her name exactly as he/she was commissioned.
2. That the notarial certificate has been completed.
3. That the Notary Public’s expiration date is on the document correctly, clearly and completely.
4. The Notary Public has affixed the notary seal on the document and the imprint is legible.

The fee for an Apostille is $6.00 per document. Checks or money orders should be made payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the correct amount - please note the country of destination on the check. Cash is not recommended because the office cannot refund cash lost in transit. The Secretary of the Commonwealth always recommends that you verify the information needed with the officials from the country of destination. In most cases we have found that the steps below are generally accepted. We however do not guarantee they will be accepted in every situation.

In-state schools steps to Certifying a Transcript or Diploma
1. Have your school registrar certify to the record in the presence of a Notary.
2. The Notary Public will then notarize the signature of the school registrar. The notarized school transcript or diploma is then sent to the Secretary of the Commonwealth for the Apostille or Certification.
Out-of-state school transcripts and diplomas cannot be certified in Massachusetts. They must be certified by the state of origin.

More information can be found here