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Grading Instructions


NOTE: The primary instructor of record will have access to submit grades. Other instructors of record will have view access to the grade sheet.   Be sure to calculate your grades and have them at hand before you access the webpage. 

a.  Access MyBentley

  • • Login to MyBentley using your Bentley short-name and password (Instruction are on the login page).
  • • Click the “Teaching and Advising” tab.
  • • From the left navigation menu, click "Faculty Self-Service" Choose "Faculty" then "Final Grades."
  • • Follow standard procedures for grade submission.

b.  Standard Procedures:

  • • Select Term and choose the course (CRN) for which you are entering grades.
  • • Click on drop down box to select a grade for each student.
  • • You must click on Submit Changes at the bottom of each page or your grades will not be submitted.  NOTE: You will need to go back to the faculty menu each time you want to change the course (CRN) that you are referencing. If you have more than 25 students submit the first page before going to the next page.  Make sure that you have graded all students on your list. 
  • • All students on the grade list must be graded.  All registered students are listed. Once grade processing is finished, any blank grades will be recorded as failures. 
  • • Timeout ! There is a 20 minute timeout!  Please have your final grades on hand when you begin to enter data on this form. If you have a large list, you may want to Submit Changes after every 15-25 records.
  • • Update Mode !  When you submit changes the webpage will return in “update mode”.  In the rare case that this does not happen simply click “reselect CRN” at the bottom of the page.
  • • You should print and save a copy of your grade entries after you have submitted your grades as your confirmation copy.