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Registration Policies

Class CodesRegistration Eligibility
Class StandingRegistration Holds
PrerequisitesDay and Time Assignment Process
CorequisitesLevel Restrictions
Window Policy 

Class Codes

Class codes are based upon the number of credited courses successfully completed. The courses for which you're currently enrolled are not included. If there is a question concerning your class code (e.g., you have received credit from another institution or you have made up an Incomplete), you must contact the Registrar’s Office (Rauch 111) to have your class code changed. 

***Unless you have had your class code officially updated through the Registrar's Office, you will not be allowed to register ahead of your designated time.***

The table below lists the class code designation:

ClassificationCredits Successfully CompletedClass Code
First-Year 10 - 141
First-Year   215 - 292
Sophomore 130 - 443
Sophomore 245 - 594
Junior 160 - 745
Junior 275 - 896
Senior 190 - 1047
Senior 2105 +8

Class Standing

Students are designated as first-years, sophomores, juniors or seniors according to the number of courses successfully completed, including transfer and examination creditsawarded. Credits are awarded in semester hours.


All registrations are subject to a prerequisite check by the Registrar's Office before the end of the drop/add period. Students are responsible for meeting all prerequisites.

Course Prerequisites

All students are responsible for understanding all course prerequisites, concurrent prerequisites and class standing requirements. Students who have not met these requirements may be dropped from the course unless proof of requirement fulfillment is shown or a signed waiver is submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

Banner Web does not prevent students from registering for courses for which they do not have the prerequisites. The Registrar’s Office makes an attempt to notify all students who fail to meet prerequisites. If a student is not notified of a prerequisite violation, they are still responsible for the prerequisite work and no exceptions will be made to the standard drop and withdrawal policies if a student does not receive notification.

If you are planning on registering for a course for which you do not meet the prerequisite(s), you should present an Undergraduate Prerequisite Waiver Form in writing to the department chair prior to registration. If the waiver is granted, the signed form must be brought to the Registrar’s Office in order for the waiver to be entered into Banner Web. Forms are available at the Office of Academic Services and on the Registrar’s Office web site. 

Concurrent Prerequisites

"Concurrent Prerequisite" means that in order to take a particular course, you must either have already completed, or be registered for, the course concurrently.

Course Corequisites (or Clusters)

A Corequisite is a course that must be taken at the same time as the other course. For example, sectons of GB 101, 102, and 103 are corequisite. Some sections of GB 101, 102, and 103 must all be taken simultaneously.

Window Policy

If you wish to take a course that requires junior standing (e.g., MG 240), you should be a Class Code 5 (having successfully completed at least 60 credits) by the time the course begins; however, some exceptions can be made if you meet the "window policy" requirements.

The window policy permits students slightly short of class standing requirements to enroll in upper-level business courses according to the chart below:

21 credits successfully completed 
You may take any sophomore-level courses
51 credits successfully completed 
You may take any junior-level courses
81 credits successfully completed 
You may take any senior-level courses(CC7)

Registration Eligibility

You will not be permitted to register for the upcoming semester unless your student account balance is cleared by either making a payment or supplying a confirmation of pending financial aid. If you have any questions concerning the status of your student account, please contact the Student Financial Services Office in Rauch 132, or at 781.891.2162 or x2171, or by email: Other departments such as Student Health Services may also prevent students from registering for classes. To avoid any delay at registration, you should resolve any questions and/or problems prior to registration. Do not wait until the last minute.

Registration Holds

If you have a hold on your account (Financial, International, Health, Check-in, etc.), you will not be permitted to use Banner Web to add, drop or change courses (other forms within Banner Web will still be available to you). You will need to contact the appropriate office to clear the hold before you are permitted to use the Banner Web registration forms. Do not wait until the last minute to clear holds.

Students with registration holds are responsible for meeting all drop, add and withdrawal deadlines. Lack of access to Banner Web is not a valid excuse.

How do I know if there is a hold on my account?
Go to and log in. Click on the Courses & Grades tab and then on the Registration Status link. Scroll down and click on View Holds at the bottom of the page.

How does a hold effect registering, dropping or changing courses?

You will not be permitted to add courses if you have a registration hold.
Adding courses will only be permitted after the hold(s) are cleared and while within the course add deadline. Any student attending or completing class(es) without being officially registered will not receive a grade or credit for the course(s). If a student has a hold or other problem with registration, the student is still responsible for meeting all drop/add deadlines. Neither the department chairs nor faculty can override a registration hold. Students submitting signed Course Change Forms after the appropriate deadlines because of a hold will not be added to the course even if the student has been attending and has completed work.

If you need to drop a course:
You must submit a paper copy of the Course Change Form to the Registrar’s Office in person. You are still responsible for meeting all deadlines to drop a class. Not having access to the registration forms on Banner Web is not a legitimate excuse for failing to meet a deadline.
Note: The Registrar’s Office will not process any add transactions submitted on the Course Change Form if you have a hold on your account.

If you want to change a course or course section:
The policies for adding and dropping courses stated above will still apply. You may drop any course while the hold is still in place by submitting a paper copy of the Course Change Form to the Registrar’s Office, but you may not add any courses (even just to change a section) while the hold is still on your account.

Registration Date and Time Assignment Policy

Students’ registration dates are determined by:

(student’s cumulative credits earned) + (student’s total number of current semester registered credits)

For example, a student who has earned 66 credits and is taking 15 credits in the fall 2010 semester will have a total of 81 registration credits:  (66 credits) +15 credits) = 81 registration credits. This student will register in the first group because the student is eligible for senior-level courses based on Bentley’s registration window policy.

Note: This student is officially a class code 5 because class code is based solely on credits earned, and thus will have a later registration time on the registration day than students with class codes of 6, 7 and 8.

Be advised: Registration credits are only calculated from credits officially awarded and in the system and credits which you are currently registered for this semester. Any credit not viewable on Banner Web will not be calculated and will not be considered. If you think that there is credit that should be showing, you must contact the Registrar’s Office immediately.

Note: Wintersession registration credits are not used in the calculation of registration eligibility.

Students’ registration times within a certain date are determined by:

  • official class code (based on earned credits only) and
  • alpha breakdown by last name within each class code.
  • Registration times are then assigned randomly within the alpha breakdown.

For example:

  • Student A is a class code 5 and Student B is a class code 4.
  • Both Students A and B are eligible for junior-level courses.
  • Both will register with Group 2 on the second registration date.
  • Student A, however, will register before Student B because of the higher class code. Each student will be assigned a random time within their alpha grouping.

If a student registers for a course for which he or she has not met the prerequisite(s) and the appropriate waiver has not been processed, the student will receive an email notification from the Registrar’s Office. The student has four options once the email has been received.

  1. The student can contact the Registrar’s Office immediately to discuss a possible error in assigning the prerequisite violation,
  2. The student can drop the course in Banner Web,
  3. The student can seek a waiver from the appropriate department chair using the Undergraduate Prerequisite Waiver Form; or,
  4. The student can submit an Undergraduate Prerequisite Waiver Form with the Course Away Waiver section completed if the prerequisite was/will be fulfilled by a course taken outside of Bentley.

Any student receiving a prerequisite violation email from the Registrar’s Office has one business day to clear the prerequisite violation. If the student has not cleared the violation within one business day, the student will be dropped from the course by the Registrar’s Office. Students will not be dropped on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays.

Level Restrictions

There are three levels of students at Bentley: Undergraduate, Post-Baccalaureate and Graduate. Students are not able to register for classes at a level different from their own. Students in the Five Year Program must receive authorization from Graduate Student Services to register for graduate courses in their last semester.