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Equity and Inclusion

"We cannot just talk about diversity, equity and inclusion--we have to live it. This starts with stating unequivocally that Black Lives Matter, and acknowledging that we all have a long way to go and a lot of work to do. Living these ideas means finding ways to improve the world and communities in which we live, and that includes Bentley. To the Black students in our community, please know that I hear you, I see you and I am committed to doing the work to make this a better place for all."
J. Andrew Shepardson, Ph.D.

Social Justice Action Plans

Over the past two years, the Division of Student Affairs has prioritized action in their antiracist efforts by having each department create an annual Racial Justice Action Plan with specific objectives to focus on for the academic year. This idea came from our Student Programs and Engagement Office in June of 2020. The plans go through a staff and student review process to ensure quality and intentionality. We also provide annual updates through a Racial Justice Action Plan Dashboard, that communicates what we have achieved and what we are still working towards.

For the upcoming year, we have expanded our efforts to advance equity and inclusion by shifting to Social Justice Action Plans. To encourage intentional approaches that acknowledge intersectionality, departments were required to focus on two social identities (one being on race and another of their choice) that they would like to center in their efforts. You can find each department's 2022-2023 Social Justice Action Plan below.

2021-2022 Racial Justice Action Plan Dashboard

It’s Time for Change Campaigns

Gender Equity at Bentley Campaign

By signing the It's Time for Change: Gender Equity at Bentley pledge, you will join us in what we hope is a transformational experience where we can all critically examine how we contribute to gender inequity and how we can intentionally advocate for gender equity. Campaign participants will: 

  • Receive a monthly email with educational resources and activities to further your competence around gender equity advocacy
  • Receive an invitation to a monthly It's Time for Change Huddle, we will come together as a community to reflect on what we are learning and connect with fellow community members on this topic 

We hope you will engage with this university-wide effort and join us in centering gender equity in our thoughts, actions, and behaviors.

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Racial Justice at Bentley Campaign

In January of 2021, the Division of Student Affairs centered Racial Justice as a priority for our community by introducing It's Time for Change: Racial Justice at Bentley. This five month, action-oriented campaign focused on different theme and the 300 community members who took the pledge will received weekly activities and resources to better equip them with the knowledge and skillsets to advocate for anti-racism, and attended monthly reflection meetings. This program was the winner of the 2020-2021 State and Regional Program of the Year awards for the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) Region.

You can view the pledge and pledge signees below: 

I believe that it's time for change. I believe that I can be part of this change. I believe that change is needed to make Bentley an anti-racist community.
As part of the It's Time for Change: Racial Justice at Bentley campaign, I will set time aside to answer the weekly prompts honestly and am dedicated to the challenging but important work leading to growth in the following areas as they pertain to racial justice:

  • Reflection - I pledge to reflect on my own racial identity, the racial identities of others, and how those identities impact how I and others navigate and experience the world.
  • Learning - I pledge to learn by first acknowledging what I do and do not know, and that anti-Racist advocacy involves ongoing learning. I will engage in transformational learning opportunities in an effort to increase my understanding of racism and better equip myself with tools and knowledge for advocacy.
  • Action - I pledge to critically examine how my current actions and inactions uphold racist systems and identify intentional, ongoing actions I can take to dismantle those systems.
  • Community - I pledge to work in collaboration with my communities to increase our collective spheres of influence and amplify efforts to make change.
  • Vigilance - I pledge to identify my ongoing roles in contributing to anti-Racist efforts and will create strategies to maintain vigilance for myself and my communities.

Signed Pledges


Susan, Adams
Lisa, T Addeo
Karla, Aguirre
Michaela, Albert
Leslie, Jane Allen
Matthew, Angstreich
Joan, Atlas
Christiana, Bakolas
Cassie, Balzarini
Geoffrey, Bartlett
Nora, Basile
Taylor, Bastien
Victoria, Beaton
Michael, Beaudoin
Taryn, Bennett
Maria Bergmann
Jared, Berman
Samantha, Bilodeau
Quinn, Bittinger-Esser
Claudette, Blot
Lauren, Bly
Miriam, Boeri
Alys, Bosque
Andrew, Boucher
Frank, Bourgeois
Jemma Boyle
Mike, Bravo
Kari, Brekke
Erica, Brown
Emma, Brown
Erin, Buckmeier
George, Cangiano
Susan, Capolino-Cocuzzo
Roberta, Carnes
Tiana-Jo, Carter
Danielle, Carter
Nicole, Chabot-Wieferich
Brian, Chanicka
Jack, Cole
Valerie, Como
Jillian, Cone
Gary, Crompton
Caroline, Cruise
Sabrina, Cruz
Cindy, Cue
Lisa, Curtin
Katherine, Cutillo
Michelle, Dabenigno
A.J. , Darcey
Wiley, Davi
Melissa, Diglio
Andrew, Dole
Sharon, Donato
Rachel, Donnellan
Leslie, Doolittle
Suzanne, Dove
Amy, Dufour
Taylor, Egan
Krissena, England
Alexa, Erb
Antonia, Fantasia
Jonah, Cahill Farella
Diane, Ferguson
Erinn, Flandreau
Maureen, Flores
Patricia, Flynn
David, Ford
Peter, Forkner
Trish, Foster
Rabbi, Jeff Foust
Jeff, Funk
Matt, Galewski
Xiaofan, Gao
Jordyn, Garrett
Anna, Garson
Laura, Graham
Thomas, Gray
Abby, Gustavsen
Lindsay, Haddad
Melissa, Halbleib
Alyssa, Hammond
Karen, Harn
Rebecca, Heller
Cameron, Heller
Melissa, Henriquez
Anne, Herzog
Rachel, Hill
Andrea, Hilsaca
Susan, Ohnemus Hogan
Andrew, Hollander
Christina, Hollis
Aidan, Hopkins
Courtney, Hough
Liz, Humphries
Alyssa, Burleson (Spiritual Life Chaplain Intern)
Matthew, Jackson
Monire, Jalili
Hailey, Jennato


Nichole, Kaba
Branford, Kanagawa
Ashley, Keegan
Bobbi-Lynn, Kekic
Jessica, Kenerson
Katherine, Kenyon
Meghan, Van Keuren
Kathryn, Keyes
Shane, Kieran
Amanda, King
Abby, Kirsch
Lindsey, Kosinski
Daniel, Kotey
Melanie, Krupa
Lihuan Lai
Theresa, Lamoureux
Donna, Lane
Dan, Langlois
Daniel, Langlois
Samantha, Larsen
Jay, Lawson
Fred, Ledley
Troy, Lee
Alex, Lemiszki
Helena, Leskow
Jasmine, Lin
Wei, Liu
Katie, Long
Ben, Longstreth
Christine, Lookner
Erin, Loonie
Terez, Lowry
Brittanye, Mackey
Nancy Maillet
Lisa, Maillet
Anthony, Majer
Doreen, Manning
Angela, Mansour
Anthony Mariello
Samantha, Martel
Hannah, Martinez
LeFaith, (Blessed) Massaquoi
Lindsay, Massarsky
Molly, Mastantuono
Alex, Matos
Stephanie, McAuliffe
Christine, McAuliffe
Amy, McConnell
Michael, McCorvey
Bobby, LynnTerry, McDonough
Ann, McInerney
Dee, McKenna
Alex, McKenna
Diane, McNamara
Bridget, McShane
Jillian, Mcvey
Matthew, Mead
King-Fa, Mei
Debbie, Melchiorri
Judy, Metz
Emily, Miga
Kelly, Milligan
Doreen, Mirley
Roy, Mogan
Chris, Morabito
Luke, Mueller
Brianna, Murphy
James, Murphy
Michael, O'Brien
Sue, O'Connell
Calvin, O'Connor
Bobby, Olejarczyk
Jacob, Oliver
Robin, Olson
Pearl, Opara
Mariah, Ore
Karen, Osterheld
Kristine, Otto
Cem, Ozsumer
Barbara, Paul-Emile
Steven, Paulino
Katie, Penn
Vania, Pereira
Katelyn, Petronack
John, Piga
Dorothy, Polatin
Susan, Porazzo
Sabrina, Porter
Isabel, Porter
Andrew, Quagliaroli
George, Raftopoulos
Enza, A. Rapatano-O'Connell
Lindsay, Rauch
Anne, Rawls
Susan, Richman
Ashley, Perez Roa
Jessica, Roche
Elbin, Rojas
Tiana, Rossi


Vanessa, Salas
Steve, Salina
Bill, Samko
Orlanda, Dos Santos
Joao, Santos
Natalie, Schlegel
Lauren, Schuller
Edgar, Semedo
Kelly, Serna
Erin, Shea
J. Andrew, Shepardson
Tyler, Sherman
Stephanie, Simeon MPH
Jack, Slocum
Walter, Smith
Tristan, Smith
Curtis, Smith
Jessica, Spencer
Travis, Sroczenski
Shantel, Suero
Jess, Sumney
Daniel, Surprenant
Lisa, Taddeo
Emma, Taylor
Anthony, Tellez
Michael, Tesler
James, Thibodeau
Lea, Thompson
Mari, Thompson
Jessica, Greher Traue
Brendan, Vann
Valerie, Veno
Kayla, Vincent
Sarah, Vojta
Alison, Walker
Susan, Walsh
Samantha, Ward
Bethany, Ward
Adam, Watkins
Jalen, D. Watson
Harrison, Weiss
Amanda, Wendt
Aidan, Werenski
Betsy, Whipple
Carolyn, White
Vaughn, Williams
Justin, Woodard
Diana, Woodward
Courtney, Woronka
Allie, Wuerth
Annie, Xie
Michelle, Yestrepsky
Wei, Yuan
Melissa, Zweigbaum