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Bentley University Police Station Lobby Mural

Bentley University Police Station Lobby Mural

Request for Proposal

Bentley University’s Marketing and Communications department is seeking competitive responses to this Request for Proposal for an on-campus indoor space mural.


Objectives and Goals

The mural is for the interior lobby of the university police station on campus. The goal of the mural is to create a welcoming environment that is aligned with Bentley University’s police department commitment to justice and equity for all. Moreover, we want all members of the Bentley community to see the police station as a safe and inclusive place.

 We seek to find a mural artist that can create a mural concept that reflects the following:

  • Justice
  • Equity
  • Community
  • Kindness
  • Collaboration



Our audience consists of visitors to the university police station where typical police business occurs, including transactions related to parking permits, university IDs, etc.

Our primary audiences are:

  • Bentley Students
  • Bentley Faculty and Staff
  • Bentley’s extended community and visitors.
  • Bentley Police Officers


Commitment to Diversity

Diversity is critical to Bentley University’s mission of educating creative, ethical, and socially responsible business leaders. Our institutional values are rooted in the belief that appreciating diverse opinions means that we work in an environment that embraces diversity and that is free from any hostility or intolerance.  

In line with this commitment, we seek to work with artists whose personal or professional background gives them a unique perspective to further our mission to support diversity on campus.


Location and Size

The mural will be in the indoor lobby of the Police Station. The L shaped wall is approximately 8 feet high by 9 feet wide on front facing and 10 feet wide on side facing wall.

The wall will be prepped and painted per the artist’s preference by Bentley University’s Facilities Management team (furniture, kiosk, plaques and flags can be relocated). Incorporating the current “University Police” raised metal letters (figure 1) is preferred but is not required.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Application Requirements

Priority will be given to artists who live in the Greater Boston area.

Work will consist of design, as well as production of work on-site, which must be executed by an experienced artist.

In order to be considered, the artist(s) needs to submit a proposal that includes:

  • A narrative summary and sketch illustrating your vision for the mural.
  • A description of the approach to the project such as methods of surface preparation, primer applications, varnish or other material to secure the longevity of the mural.
  • Images and reviews of previously completed works that describe the size, materials and location of other public works. Include references from at least one earlier project.
  • Artist(s) resume(s) to include a brief one (1) page summary of work, including experience with murals (exterior and/or interior), and general statement of work.
  • Ability to provide proof of liability insurance if selected.
  • Specific management rights (longevity, if applicable) of the finished artwork.
  • Identification of the medium.
  • Warranty or expected maintenance for completed work.

Once a proposal is chosen the artist will work with a small group of Bentley University staff and stakeholders to finalize and approve the design concept.



The allocated budget for this mural is $3,000, inclusive of design, implementation and travel expenses. We will also compensate the selected artist up to $100 for any additional sketches needed as part of the university approval process.


Selection Process

The selection committee will consist of university staff (Marketing and Communication and other divisions), faculty and students. From the proposals received the committee will choose 3 finalists to create rough concepts. The final selection will be made by this committee and awarded to the successful proposal.



Once this RFP is awarded, the mural must be completed by June 30th, 2022.

Applications Due: March 14, 2022.
Finalists Notified: April 18, 2022.
Project Awarded: May 16, 2022

Installation by June 30th, 2022.



Artists may apply as individuals or as a team. Artists wishing to apply as a team should appoint and pronounce one (1) person to officiate as the main contact for the project. Delegation of project duties shall be listed in application along with a declaration for one source of payment, as the group of artists should delegate how to divide their commissions/fees prior to an award.

Financial compensation will be made in accordance with an agreed upon contract between the artist(s) and Bentley University.



Please reach out to Casey Brennan at