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Car with packed trunk on move-in day

Move-In Day

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Last Updated: Aug. 24, 2020                                                                                                 

Move-in Day Checklist

Welcome to Bentley University! We’re excited to have you on campus. To make your arrival as easy as possible, here’s your Move-in Day checklist:

  1. Arrive at your appointed time.
    • Students will have received an email to their Bentley account with this information. You can find your move-in and test times at The address is 175 Forest St., Waltham, Mass.
  2. Pack lightly.
    • We can only allow one car per student to move in. Additional cars will be directed to a separate parking lot on upper campus.
  3. Keep your group small.
    • Two people can join a student on campus, but only one person can accompany a student inside the residence hall at a time.
  4. Wear a face covering.
    • All students and support people must wear face coverings inside the residence halls and at all times during move in.
  5. Bring a photo ID.
    • All students must bring a photo ID to their COVID-19 test, so don’t forget yours.
  6. Bring proof of your negative test if needed.
    • According to Massachusetts guidance, if you’re from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York or Vermont, you don’t need a COVID-19 test before arriving on campus.
    • If you’re from a different state or country, you’ll need a negative PCR COVID-19 test 72 hours before your arrival or you must quarantine for 14 days. Parents or family members should also be tested if they plan to stay in Massachusetts overnight. Pre-travel testing can be arranged with your personal physician, local hospital or urgent care center in many locations. Health insurance many not cover costs for testing done while traveling, as this is considered a travel, not medical, expense. Bring a paper or electronic copy of your negative test results or documentation of your quarantine with you on move-in day.

Your Step-by-Step Guide for Move-In Day