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Last Updated: Feb. 18, 2021

Massachusetts Vaccine Rollout

Vaccines represent an exciting development in our fight against COVID-19. The vaccine rollout will occur in phases mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and informed by guidelines from the CDC. Most members of higher education communities will be eligible for vaccination in Phase 3, expected to begin in April.

Selected members of our community meet Phase 1 or Phase 2 eligibility because of their occupation and Bentley is working to provide access to vaccination. Some members may also be eligible in Phase 2 because of age or medical conditions, and will access vaccination through their healthcare provider, local pharmacy or at community vaccination clinics. We’ll continue to monitor state and federal guidelines and provide updates as available. 

Vaccination FAQs

When can I get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Most members of higher education communities will be eligible for vaccination in Phase 3, expected to begin in April. Selected members of our community may meet Phase 1 or Phase 2 eligibility. 

Can I get the vaccine on the Bentley campus?

Not yet. The COVID-19 vaccine is currently available to eligible individuals at more than 170 locations statewide. You can find a site close to you at

Will Bentley University provide vaccine to students?

People who live, work, and study in Mass. can be vaccinated in Mass.—state residency is not required. Most students will be eligible for vaccination in Phase 3, which is expected to begin in April. 

How much does it cost to receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

Free! The COVID-19 vaccine is provided by the federal government. Entities providing vaccine administration cannot charge recipients but can seek reimbursement from health insurance companies. A vaccination site may ask you for health insurance information but should never ask you for a credit card, cash, or other form of payment. 

I’m eligible in my home state. Can I obtain the vaccine in Mass.?

Vaccines administered in Mass. must follow the state’s vaccine prioritization rules, which may vary from rules in other states. You can only receive the vaccine in Mass. if you live, work, or study in Mass. and meet current state eligibility criteria

According to the Mass. vaccination priorities, I’m eligible now. Where can I get the vaccine?

There are more than 170 sites in Mass. where eligible individuals who live, work, or study in Mass. can receive the vaccine. Visit to find a site near you with available appointments. 

Do I need a letter from my doctor or employer to get a vaccine?

No, people who meet current eligibility criteria can complete a self-attestation form provided by the state.