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E-Hub: Alumni Mentor Network

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Tom Daly
Tom Daly, MBA ’14
Info Tech

An accomplished technologist with extensive expertise in Internet infrastructure, bringing valuable experience from various roles in startup environments and established corporations. Proficient in scaling technology and driving business activities to facilitate sustainable growth, with a dedication to leveraging technology for organizational advancement and commitment to excellence in every endeavor.

Garren Hilow
Garren Hilow ’10
Health Care

At 25, Garren co-founded Abveris, a leading antibody discovery service provider, which he later acquired in 2019. With a single fundraising round, the company experienced significant organic growth under an employee ownership model. In late 2021, Abveris was successfully acquired by Twist Bioscience for $190 million.

Janak Joshi
Janak Joshi, MBA ’01

Developing data-centric products in collaboration with esteemed scientists, engineers, and clinicians worldwide. A three-time entrepreneur, securing funding and exits from top-tier venture capitalists. Committed to leaving a lasting legacy by contributing to the transformation of healthcare in the United States.

Sean Kelley
Sean Kelley ’00

A retail strategy and management expert, Sean has led key Merchandising Process & Strategy initiatives for major retailers and provided advisory services to executive committees in the apparel industry. Founder of Blueprint Retail, he's established strategic partnerships to deliver comprehensive analysis and tool development across various retail management functions, including Product Lifecycle Management Planning, Distribution, Assortment, Localization, and Consumer Insights

Jim Kelliher
Jim Kelliher ’81

Jim Kelliher is the Chief Financial Officer at Drift. Prior to Drift, he was CFO at LogMeIn, where he played a pivotal role in taking the company public in July 2009, and scaling from 50 to 1,000 employees and $10M to $250M in revenue. Jim has also held positions as CFO of Actifio and IMlogic, and VP of Finance and International CFO of PTC, a publicly traded software development company.

Arik Levy
Arik Levy ’96
Consumer Services

Founder of Luxer One®, Laundry Locker® and Drop Locker®. Arik Levy, a serial entrepreneur, has revolutionized the use of 24-hour, self-service lockers in the package delivery and dry-cleaning industries

Debbie Millin
Debbie Millin '92

A seasoned executive with over 20+ years of experience in disruptive industries. She specializes in accelerating rapid-growth technology companies, achieving notable successes - such as scaling a company from just three people to a $4.2 billion valuation in less than 6 years. Debbie is known for her innovative leadership, expertise in blending talent, processes, and technology for scalable expansion, and her ability to unite cross-functional teams to prioritize growth and cohesion, making her a valuable asset for organizations looking to enhance their corporate value.

Oleg Popovsky '05

A seasoned veteran in cleantech, brings over 15+ years of experience marked by groundbreaking startups, innovative product development, and strategic alliances. As the Senior Director of Global Business Development, he leads transformative initiatives, driving the company into new markets and pioneering revolutionary solutions in solar, energy management, and EV charging. Oleg holds a rich educational background in International Business and Marketing Strategy from Bentley.

Esther Tetreault
Esther Tetreault ’99, MBA ’03
Food and Beverage

Esther holds both her BS in finance and MBA in Data Analysis from Bentley University. After graduation, she set out with the desire to create a New England Farmhouse-inspired experience through the lens of craft beer. Launched with three employees and the support of family, friends, and community