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Entrepreneurship Hub

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E-Hub: Faculty Mentor Network

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Armand Doucette headshot
Armand Doucette
Lecturer, Computer Information Systems

Professor Doucette provides mentorship about issues related to early venture decisions.

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Janelle Estes headshot
Janelle Estes
Lecturer, Experience Design

Professor Estes provides mentorship related to the design of user experiences in the context of new products/services and new business formation. 

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Monir Jalili headshot
Monir Jalili
Assistant Professor, Management

Dr. Jalili provides mentorship related to decisions about structuring operations, retail operations and consumer behavior.

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Tatiana Manolova headshot
Tatiana Manolova
Professor, Management

Dr. Manolova provides mentorship related to competitive strategy and international entrepreneurship. 

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Veronica Pierni headshot
Veronica Pierni
Lecturer, Management

Professor Pierni provides mentorship related to early stage product and business strategy and development.  

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Sebastian Anetey Shamo headshot
Sebastian Anetey Shamo
Lecturer, Finance

Professor Shamo provides mentorship related to fintech ventures and risk management.

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Jay Thibodeau headshot
Jay Thibodeau
Professor, Accounting

Dr. Thibodeau provides mentorship in structuring accounting and ownership for new and family ventures.
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Anurag Wakhlu headshot
Anurag Wakhlu
Adjunct Lecturer, Finance

Professor Wakhlu provides mentorship about issues related to obtaining venture funding for new ventures.  
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Hannah Weiser headshot
Hannah Weiser
Assistant Professor, Law and Taxation

Dr. Weiser provides mentorship about issues such as the formation of a business entity, considerations related to sharing and protecting intellectual property, and other legal matters. 

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Jonathan White headshot
Jonathan White
Associate Professor, Sociology

Dr. White provides mentorship related to social entrepreneurship.

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