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Pitch Competition: Health Futures

Propose an innovative idea for a health-related problem – compete to win financial support and mentorship to develop your idea.

The Objective

Pitch a creative solution that addresses a health-related problem.

The Task

  • Identify an Innovative Idea to address a specific problem in one of the two areas of focus:
    • Integrating Ai in healthcare delivery
    • Solutions for mental health on college campuses
  • Identify Market Segment(s) that would benefit from this solution
  • Assess Feasibility and Scale for your proposed idea
  • Develop a Compelling Pitch that effectively communicates your idea



Expense Budget

Each team may access an expense budget of upto $500 for expenses appropriate for developing the pitch


Cash prizes

The winning team will receive a cash prize of $1500. The runner-up team will receive a cash prize of $1000. It is expected that the teams will use this to develop and pursue the idea.


Mentorship Months

Both winning teams will receive six months of guidance and mentorship from faculty and alumni to develop their idea beyond the pitch

Competition Details

Competition Announced: Date TBA

Registration Deadline: Date TBA

Pitch Submission Due: Date TBA

Pitch Presentation: Date TBA

Build your Team

  • Build your team:
    • A good team is multi-disciplinary 
    • Start with expertise in health, management, marketing and tech
    • Any student, faculty, staff, alumni, Waltham community, and others can join
    • The Team Lead must be a Bentley student, undergraduate or graduate
    • Reach out to faculty, friends, colleagues or use this to find team members 
  • Brainstorm ideas: 
    • Work with your multi-disciplinary team to generate ideas 
    • Consider brainstorming tools to capture and develop ideas 
    • Resist the temptation to fix on the first idea that is floated
    • Talk to potential customers to vet ideas and add more details
  • Develop Your Pitch: 
    • Identify market segment: consider this resource (link to be added)
    • Describe your idea: consider this resource (link to be added)
    • Calculate the potential for scaling: consider this resource (link to be added)
    • Develop your pitch deck: consider this resource (link to be added)

Building your Pitch Deck

  • What should the Pitch Deck contain?
    • The pitch deck should describe your idea, potential, and feasibility 
  • How long should be the Pitch Deck?
    • Recommended length: 10 slides; maximum 15 slides 
  • How long should be the Pitch Presentation?
    • Recommended length: 10 to 15 minutes (max)
  • Will the Pitch Presentations be in person? 
    • Yes! See the Timeline tab. You will present to a panel of judges.
  • Do I have to do this as a team or can I do this solo? 
    • You may do this solo, but a team is strongly encouraged.
  • Does it need to be sophisticated technology component?
    • No. However, it should address an important problem and propose a novel solution. 
  • Who owns the IP (intellectual property) generated through this competition? 
    • The ideas you generate are yours. However, as many successful entrepreneurs will tell you, it is hard to “own” ideas without implementation.
  • Who can't be part of a team? 
    • Faculty or staff who are part of the organizing group for the Pitch Competition (e.g., judges, E-hub members) cannot participate as a team member. 
  • How do I use the $500 Expense Budget? 
    • Each team can claim reimbursement of expenses incurred (upto $500) for idea development, market research or other relevant tasks.
  • Can I claim reimbursement of expenses as above if our team does not win?
    • Yes! 
  • If I do not win the competition, can I still continue to develop the idea independently?
    • Yes!

Meet the Judges

Two alumni from the health industry

Two Bentley faculty 

One Bentley staff

More information & queries

Contact: Dr. Sandeep Purao, Director, E-hub