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Entrepreneurship Hub

E-hub Partnerships

The E-hub is engaged in building ongoing, durable partnerships with several entities around the Greater Boston area. Some of these include the Startup Boston experience, MIT’s Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship, and the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC). 

With CIC – Cambridge, the E-hub will provide access to a permanent space at the CIC for Bentley student teams who are engaged in building their start-up ventures. With the Martin Trust Center, the E-hub will provide access to the Orbit platform that Bentley students can use to find talent and team members across campus to form teams that go beyond classrooms and chance connections to pursue start-up ventures. 

The E-hub continues to identify and build such partnerships across the Greater Boston ecosystem.

Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC)

The Bentley E-hub offers entrepreneurs from the Bentley community unparalleled access to a dynamic workspace and a vibrant innovation community at CIC. This collaboration provides Bentley community members a chance to grow their start-up ventures within the entrepreneurial ecosystem further enriching their venture development experience with access to digital platforms, and resources, and meet other, like-minded innovators.

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Martin Trust Center at MIT

The Bentley community is invited to explore the MIT Orbit Platform, a groundbreaking initiative by the Bentley E-hub in collaboration with the MIT Martin Trust Center. This partnership provides Bentley students and faculty access to an exclusive platform developed by MIT, aimed at fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. 

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