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Ian Cross
Senior Lecturer, Marketing
Morison Hall 238
Kevin Crouse
Senior IT Project Manager, Project Management Office
Lindsay Hall 34
Caroline Cruise
Senior Associate Director, Advancement Communications, Advancement Communication
LaCava Campus Center 292B
Sabrina Cruz
Assistant Director, Residential Center, Residential Center
Student Center 320E
Mateo Cruz
Assistant Professor Management, Management
Morison Hall 195
Cindy L Cue
Senior Administrative Assistant, Student Life
Student Center 320A
Stephen Cullen
Carpenter, Trades/Building Operations
Maintenance Building 201
Michael Cummins
Operations and Records Assistant II, Financial Assistance, Financial Assistance
Rauch Admin. Center-128B
Lisa Curtin
Senior Reference Librarian, Library Outreach Coordinator, Library
Bentley Library 010E
Kevin Curtin
Head Coach, Men and Women's Track/Cross Country, Athletics
DAN 168F
Charlotte Cushing
Multimedia Course Developer, Office of Provost & VP Acad Affairs
Morison Hall-141
Elizabeth C D'Amore
Lecturer, Law and Taxation
Morison Hall 280
Dennis J D'Antona
Adjunct Lecturer, Computer Information Systems
Smith Technology Center-410
Albano E F Da Silva
Groundsperson, Grounds
Maintenance Building-201
Michelle Dabenigno
Assistant Director, Student Programs and Engagement, Student Programs & Engagement
Student Center 330F
Elona Dai
Campus Police Administrator, University Police
Campus Police 121
Christopher Dale
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Sociology
Morison Hall 106
Senior Client Technology Support Analyst, IT Client Services
175 Forest Street
Alessia Dalsant
Lecturer and Director of CLIC, Modern Languages
Adamian Academic Center 162
Macee Damon
Senior Cataloging and Reference Librarian, Library
Bentley Library 006B
Rick Danehy
Assistant Coach, Swim Team, Athletics
DAN 072B
Dionne M Daniels
Study Abroad Advisor, Cronin Office of International Ed
Adamian Academic Center 161C
A.J. Darcey
Assistant Director, Graduate Projects and Engagement, Graduate Programs & Engagement
Jennison Hall 327
Herbert Daroff
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Law and Taxation
Morison Hall 122
Associate Professor, Law and Taxation
Morison Hall-284
Mita Das
Senior Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences
Morison Hall 335
Regina Daus-Haberle
Adjunct Lecturer, English and Media Studies
Morison Hall 116
Dhaval Dave
Stanton Professor, Economics
Adamian Academic Center 195
Wiley Davi
Professor, English and Media Studies
Morison Hall 312
Gary David
Professor, Sociology
Morison Hall 194
Thom Davis
Professor, Natural and Applied Sciences
Jennison Hall 110
Radcliffe Davis
Building Services Worker, Building Services
Maintenance Building 201
Darius Davis
Talent Acquisition Specialist, Human Resources
Rauch Admin. Center 201H
Samir Dayal
Professor, English and Media Studies
Adamian Academic Center 067
Laurent De Greef
Adjunct Lecturer, Finance
Morison Hall-339
Jane De Leon Griffin
Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences, Associate Professor, Dean of Arts & Sciences
Morison Hall 382
Paula DeCosta
Assistant Director, Donor Recognition, Stewardship
LaCava Campus Center 275C
Bob DeFelice
Head Coach, Baseball, Athletics
Cindy DeGrave
Assistant Registrar, Registrar
Morison Hall 123
Hessam Dehghani
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Philosophy
Morison Hall-111
Joel Deichmann
Professor, Global Studies
Morison Hall 208
Building Services Worker, Building Services
Maintenance Building-201
Robert DeLeo
Associate Professor, Global Studies
Morison Hall 274
Steve Demetrius
Senior Instruction and Online Media Specialist, Academic Technology Center
Lindsay Hall 24B
Cortney Denman
Instructional Designer, Office of Provost & VP Acad Affairs
Morison Hall-120
Diana DeSimone
Senior Analyst, Financial Planning, Financial Operations
Rauch Admin. Center-020
Jesse Devault
Turf Specialist, Grounds
Maintenance Building 201
Nia DeYounge
Director, Center for International Students and Scholars, Ctr for Intl Students and Scholars
Student Center 310O
John DiBello
Adjunct Lecturer, Finance
Morison Hall 122
Nancy Dickenson
Executive in Residence, HFID - CA
175 Forest Street