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aerial view of campus with buildings glowing in the sunlight

Bentley Alumni Conference

May 9 and 10, 2024 at Bentley University

Bentley Alumni Conference

Two energetic days of learning from each other, lively discussions and strengthening connections — we couldn’t have asked for a better inaugural year!

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Thanks to the Global Alumni Board for their leadership in presenting the Bentley Alumni Conference, and to the Conference Steering Committee:

  • Cody Aguirre Clearwater ’08, Vice-Chair, Global Alumni Board
  • Kaylee Araoz ’17
  • Jim Buckley ’10, MBA ’11, Global Alumni Board
  • Jenna Caldwell ’94, Chair, President’s Club Council
  • Carl Coken ’86
  • Guillermo Fernandes ’13
  • Ken Foo ’99, MSF ’01, Global Alumni Board
  • Brian Kelleher ’14, Co-Chair, FOLD Board
  • Mark Longo ’89, Global Alumni Board
  • Asimina Morris ’21
  • Danielle Parsons ’05, MST ’06, Global Alumni Board
  • Brianna Rakoski-Calvin ’15, Bentley Mosaic Alumni Council
  • Keith Singletary ’96, Chair, Global Alumni Board
  • Salvatore Ternullo ’14, MSA ’18
  • Christopher Volberg ’17, FOLD Board
  • Courtney Woronka ’21, MBA ’22, FOLD Board

Get in Touch

If you’re interested in presenting or being involved in the steering committee for next year’s conference, let us know at