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Peter Forkner
Director, Counseling Center, Counseling Center
Campus Police 214
Maureen Forrester
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer / Treasurer, Office of VP for Admin & Finance
Rauch Admin. Center-330
Jeffrey Foust
Jewish Chaplain, Spiritual Life Center
Student Center 334
Brian Fox
Assistant Professor, Management
Adamian Academic Center 313
Al Franchi
Varsity Athletic Team Physician, Athletics
DAN 066
Roberta Francis
Executive Assistant, Office of the Provost, Office of Provost & VP Acad Affairs
Rauch Admin. Center 316A
Joseph Frantel
Assistant Coach, Swim Team, Athletics
DAN 072B
Michelle Fredette
Senior Operations and Records Assistant, Registrar
Rauch Admin. Center 111
Alan Freed
Adjunct Lecturer, Accountancy
Adamian Academic Center 278
Elizabeth Freeman-Young
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Natural and Applied Sciences
Jennison Hall 140
Juliana C Freire
Visual Designer, Creative Services
Rauch Admin. Center 204N
Rick Frese
Adjunct Associate Professor, Sociology
Morison Hall 149E
Jaimie Fritz
University Archivist, Library
Bentley Library 234
Mark Frydenberg
Senior Lecturer and Director CIS Sandbox, Computer Information Systems
Smith Technology Center 414
Jeff Funk
Assistant Director, Housing Operations, Residential Center
Student Center 320F
Olga Fyodorova
Adjunct Lecturer, English and Media Studies
175 Forest Street
Ryan Gaffey
Director, Facilities Services, Grounds
Maintenance Building 210
Juliet Gainsborough
Professor and Chair, Global Studies
Morison Hall 204
Ronen Gal-Or
Assistant Professor, Accountancy
Adamian Academic Center 273
Matthew Galewski
Senior Associate Director, Student Programs & Engagement, Student Programs & Engagement
Student Center 330B
Robert Gallagher
Adjunct Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences
Morison Hall 310
Clare Gallogly
Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admission, Undergraduate Admission
LaCava Campus Center 113
David Galluzzo
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Accountancy
175 Forest Street
Sonia Gantman
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer Accountancy, Accountancy
Adamian Academic Center 214
Jie Gao
Assistant Professor, Finance
Adamian Academic Center 219
Fei Gao
Assistant Professor, Marketing
Morison Hall-254
Angela Garcia
Professor, Natural and Applied Sciences
Smith Technology Center 300
Monica Garfield
Professor, Computer Information Systems
Smith Technology Center 420
Anna Garson
Assistant Director, Center for International Students and Services, Ctr for Intl Students and Scholars
Student Center 310P
Janette Gartner
Adjunct Lecturer, Natural and Applied Sciences
Jennison Hall 140
David Gatchell
Police Officer, University Police
Campus Police 104
Anya Gelernt-Dunkle
Assistant Director, Graduate Admission, Graduate Admissions
LaCava Campus Center 295E
Sacha Gelfer
Assistant Professor, Economics
Adamian Academic Center 167
Derek Getchell
Assistant Coach, Football (Seasonal), Athletics
Amanda Giangregorio
Assistant Club Coach, Cheerleading, Club Sports
Student Center 330
Noah Giansiracusa
Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Morison Hall-376
Kelly A Giardullo
Executive Director, Business Intelligence and Enrollment Systems, Business Intelligence and Enrollment Systems
Rauch Admin. Center 019D
Carson Gibson
Network and Telecomm Technician II, Systems, Networks and Telecom (SNT)
Lindsay Hall 18D
Andrew Giebel
Police Officer, University Police
Campus Police 128
Jennifer Gillan
Professor, English and Media Studies
Adamian Academic Center 093
Michael Gioia
Information Security Officer, Info Security and Privacy
Lindsay Hall-14B
Melissa Giunta
Senior Assistant Director, Financial Assistance, Financial Assistance
Rauch Admin. Center 116
Nicholas Giunta
Dispatcher I, University Police
Campus Police 104
Lisa G Giunta
Administrative Assistant I, UGA Call Center, Undergraduate Admission
LaCava Campus Center-152
Shannon Glynn
Disability Services Administrative Coordinator, Office of Academic Services
Jennison Hall-336
Janis Gogan
Professor, Information and Process Management
Smith Technology Center 323
Michael Goldberg
Senior Lecturer, Information Design and Corporate Communication
Morison Hall 295
Greg Gonyea
Creative Director, Creative Services
Rauch Admin. Center 204D
Charles Gordon
Adjunct Lecturer, Management
Adamian Academic Center 333
Danielle Gordon
Assistant Coach, Women's Soccer, Athletics