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Profile: Mahendra Gujarathi


Profile: Mahendra Gujarathi

A dedicated and accomplished researcher in accounting education



Mahendra’s dedication to classroom teaching has been recognized by his colleagues and students alike.

Since getting his first paper (“Using Calculators in Accounting Education”) published a quarter century ago, Mahendra Gujarathi has distinguished himself as a dedicated educator and a reputed scholar. He has taught a wide variety of accounting degree and finance degree courses with great effectiveness in the undergraduate, graduate and executive education programs. Mahendra’s dedication to classroom teaching has been recognized by his colleagues and students alike and have brought several accolades to him including best accounting professor at University of Connecticut and innovation in teaching award, excellence in MBA teaching award, and Adamian award for teaching excellence at Bentley.

Mahendra has published numerous articles in reputed academic and professional journals, including Journal of Accountancy, Accounting Horizons, International Journal of Accounting, and CPA Journal. While his impressive publication record would place him in the top 10 percent of accounting educators, his outstanding contributions to the field of accounting education have brought significant recognition to him and to Bentley. He has published several papers in accounting education journals such as Advances in Accounting Education, Journal of Education for Business, Accounting Educators’ Journal and Journal of Accounting Education on diverse topics such as efficacy of using ERP software, service-learning initiative, technology-based solutions in accounting education.

In addition, he has published four single-authored and four joint-authored cases (along with a teaching note for each) in Issues in Accounting Education, the most reputed journal in the field with an acceptance rate of about 15 percent. His cases cover a broad canvass (financial, managerial and international accounting), and each case addresses an important unresolved issue and presents it in a decision-oriented context that students can relate to. The cases help instructors to develop the critical thinking abilities of students and improve their problem solving, communication, and judgment capabilities.

Mahendra’s pedagogical scholarship is making an impact on accounting education at dozens of U.S. and overseas institutions where his cases are used. He is active in the teaching and curriculum section of the American Accounting Association and has chaired its research award committee for four years (2002-06). Mahendra is serving or has served on several editorial review boards including Accounting Educators’ Journal, Journal of Accounting Education, Review of Accounting and Finance, Accounting Education, and International Journal of Accounting. He was listed amongst the top five most frequent contributing authors of articles in accounting education journals (Urbancic, Accounting Educators’ Journal, Vol, XIX, 2009, pp. 21-44) and has recently been invited to serve as an associate editor of Issues in Accounting Education, the premier journal in the field of accounting education.


by Joanna Howarth April 17, 2018

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