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Grant Boosts Thought Leadership in Health Care

Issue: Winter 2018

The Health Thought Leadership Network (TLN) at Bentley has already engaged more than 50 faculty and staff from 22 departments and centers in applying multidisciplinary perspectives to relevant issu

Five Lessons in Hiring From the Life Sciences

Issue: Winter 2018

Ten years and a billion dollars. That’s what it takes, on average, to bring a new drug or medical device to the marketplace.

Alison Davis-Blake: Eighth President of Bentley University

Issue: Winter 2018

The inauguration of Bentley’s eighth president featured a week of activities for the campus community.

The ROI of Higher Education

Issue: Winter 2018

How did you two meet?

Mary Sue Coleman, President, American Association of Universities: I first heard about Alison during the search for the dean of the University of Mich

Seeking Refuge

Issue: Winter 2018

A Sudanese refugee and a Puerto Rican executive prove that it's a small, small world.

From the President

Issue: Winter 2018

The energy and optimism that Inauguration Week inspired have only grown stronger in the weeks since.

Spotlight: Victoria Watts ’98

Issue: Winter 2018

What do mustard and moisturizer have in common?

A Global Spin on Learning

Issue: Winter 2018

There is more to cultural understanding than appreciating another country’s cuisine or clothing.

Spotlight: Paul Coccovillo ’00

Issue: Winter 2018

When Facebook acquires a company like Instagram or WhatsApp, the fit of technology seems natural.

Women’s Leadership Program Builds Skills, Confidence

Issue: Winter 2018

Bentley sophomore Kayla Bellody (below) was 12 years old when she rallied friends to weave and sell bracelets, raising money for iPads that would help children with autism better c