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Muriel Schadee, MST '99, with her late husband Robert Schadee ’66

Honoring a ‘Scholar, Leader and Gentleman’

Kristin Livingston

Like any proud mother, Sylvia Schadee kept a scrapbook of her son’s achievements — and Robert Schadee ’66 had many. The phrase above is from “A Profile in Integrity,” featured in a 1960s issue of the Bentley Journal student newspaper; it speaks volumes of Bob, says his wife, Muriel, MST '99. 

President of Kappa Pi Alpha. Resident Adviser. Chairman of the Student Aid Fund. Even as a student maintaining a high GPA, Schadee dedicated countless hours to helping others. He continued this legacy of kindness, intelligence and leadership throughout his career, from his first CPA job to his final role as vice president of finance for Sanel Auto Parts in Concord, N.H.

That legacy now lives on at Bentley, too — no longer hidden in a faded newspaper clip. To honor her husband, who passed away in March 2018, Muriel has given $1 million to the university to support both expendable and endowed scholarships, including the Robert J. ’66 and Muriel D., MST ’99 Schadee Endowed Scholarship Fund. 

“Bob always wanted to give back,” she says. “He had a hard time being able to pay for his tuition, but the education he got was a springboard for his successful career.”

With this gift, the Schadees join Bentley’s Great Benefactors, those who have given a total of $1 million or more to the university. Says President Alison Davis-Blake, “Generosity of this magnitude is vital to Bentley, because it's supporting talented, deserving students right now and well into the future.” 

Future Schadee Scholars can look forward to an exceptional foundation for their careers, while following in the footsteps of a special fellow Falcon. As the Bentley Journal finishes: “If the old adage is true that a person is judged by his friends, an individual fortunate enough to call himself a friend of Robert J. Schadee is truly a better person.”