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Families in dorm at Bentley University for move-in day

Bentley Welcomes the Class of 2023

Helen Henrichs

It’s a milestone day for Bentley’s Class of 2023, who arrived on campus to launch their college journey. More than 950 students moved in today, setting up dorm rooms, meeting new roommates and getting to know a campus they will call “home" for the next four years.

The students received a warm welcome from Bentley President Alison Davis-Blake during a Convocation ceremony at the Bentley Arena. Dr. Davis-Blake, beginning her second year as Bentley’s eighth president, urged students to be open to new experiences in order to find and grow their passions.

Photos from Move-In Day and Convocation

“During this year, ask yourself, ‘When am I most joyful?’ Pay attention to those feelings. Those are what will help you define your approach to excellence and become more than just a graduate when you complete your studies,” she said. “What you’ll learn these next four years will be invaluable. But who you’ll become throughout that process will come to define who you are and how you’ll change the world.”

President Davis-Blake Welcomes the Class of 2023

First-year students at Bentley now begin their five-day Orientation Program, learning more about life at Bentley and becoming part of the university community. Fall classes begin on Aug. 26.

Bentley University Class of 2023 infographic