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Flex poses with three students, one holding a sign that reads I Gave
Photos by Maddie Schroeder

During Falcons Forward 2024, a record-breaking $681,867 was raised for Bentley, with donors choosing to give to the areas of the university that mean the most to them. See all results.

Across the country and globally, happy hours brought together alumni to build excitement for the giving day. 

Campus activities included Dean Andrew Shepardson taking students for a spin on the Cash Cart, asking them trivia about Bentley to earn a greater share of donor dollars to allocate to the students’ area of choice. Athletics took the top spot, with Student Organizations and General Scholarship following closely behind. 

Can you answer one of the trivia questions? Answer at the bottom of the page.

What was a main sport in the early days of Bentley that does not exist today?


Donor dollars were also available for students in the Cash Cube — Flex even tried his wing at it! Take a look at all the pictures from the giving day. 

None of the day’s success would have been possible without challenge donors, many of whom offered to match every dollar given to a fund. Trustee Brian Zino ’74 — the lead Falcons Forward challenge donor for three years running — matched $100,000 given to the Bentley Fund, supporting student scholarships, faculty development and more, ensuring students have a robust and rigorous education. Dave Muscato ’84 matched $10,000 in gifts to the First Generation Student Success Fund, and even launched a second challenge once the first was successful — donating an additional $2,500 when 100 donors gave. See all challenge donors.

University leadership provided the funds for students to allocate. The Global Alumni Board and President’s Club Council collectively gave $50,000 and the Falcons of the Last Decade Board donated $1,500. 

Bentley donors always make amazing things happen for our community, and the Falcons Forward giving day is just one more example of how Falcons flock together. What will be made possible by the support from our biggest giving day? Both men’s club volleyball and the dance team will be able to compete at Nationals this year. More students applying for housing assistance or help with medical bills through the Student Hardship Fund will be able to focus on their studies rather than financial stress. The Cronin Office of International Education and Multicultural Center will be able to help more students like Mia DiBiasio ’23 have life-changing experiences abroad.

Studying abroad in Ghana was single-handedly the best experience of my life. Due to COVID-19 and financial reasons, it felt impossible for me to make it abroad. However, a study abroad scholarship enabled me to take part in this experience before graduating. While learning about fishing, mining, e-waste, deforestation and Ghanaian culture, I saw clear connections with my business education. I had never been able to experience another culture through travel and it was an experience that I will never forget.
Mia DiBiasio ’23

Thanks to Bentley donors, our community is stronger than ever.

Video produced by Kevin Maguire

Answer to the trivia question: Bowling