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Greetings from our Virtual Campus

Hello from our virtual campus!

Even though we are not physically on campus, I can feel the pride of our entire community following Saturday’s announcement that women’s basketball coach Barbara Stevens had been inducted into to the Naismith Hall of Fame with the Class of 2020. Joining Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan and Tamika Catchings, among others, Coach Stevens is truly part of a legendary, special class. I could not be happier for Coach Stevens and I’m honored to say she is a major point of connection between my Bentley family and my own family. As the son of high school basketball coach, I took great pride in introducing my late father to Coach Stevens. Over the years they formed a friendship and talked “shop” many times before and after games in the Dana Center. Growing up not far from the Hall of Fame, my father always hoped she would be honored this way. It is a testament to the many individuals Coach Stevens has touched and how she spreads the Bentley name far and wide.

As we head into April, I want to call your attention to stress, anxiety and mental health — issues that are always top of mind for us at Bentley as we approach the end of the semester. April is often a difficult month for students as assignments pile up, papers and projects are due, exams are on the horizon and students come to the realization that the academic year is coming to a close. Our team is acutely aware of these stresses for students and encourage you to check in on them as well.

Some tips:

  1. Our counseling center has created a Stress Management Workshop  (click on the resources accordion). The four sequential videos with corresponding work packets teach a series of skills that will help students navigate stressors, respond to stress more effectively and enhance their confidence in their ability to manage stressful situations. I personally found them very helpful.  It might be something you can watch together!
  2. Housing and course registration can be stressors for students and these activities will be conducted this week and next. The details about the process and how to contact the Residential Center via Zoom, phone call or email can be viewed by visiting the Housing section of the Bentley Student FAQs. Students can access the step-by-step guides for registration here. Please encourage your student to reach out for help if they need it.
  3. Remember students have the Nest Program and a staff member to talk through any of the questions they have. They have received emails and invites to Zoom meetings along with other opportunities. Encourage them to take advantage of this opportunity.


Many families will be celebrating holidays this week and weekend. For some, this will be an opportunity to be together, while for others it will be a tough reminder of separation from family and tradition. No matter your plans in the week ahead, I wish you and your family continued health, safety and all the best, and I look forward to connecting with you next week. I will focus on some fun activities to keep students engaged as we hit the midpoint of April.


J. Andrew Shepardson
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students