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Black protestors in a march with signs

Bentley Groups Speak Out to Support Black Community

Many Bentley University groups and individuals have spoken out on social media to show their support for and solidarity with the Black community. Here are some of their statements.

Protesters' hands in the air

“Everyday mindsets, attitudes and prejudices in our society still burden our Black classmates, colleagues, alumni, friends and family members. That is why we must assert Black lives matter in our Bentley community, in Waltham, in Massachusetts and in the United States. Until we all appreciate this, understand this and act on this, we will never be a truly free society. — Bentley University Cabinet Read their statement.

"Some of you may have joined the Town Hall on Racial Injustice that we hosted on Friday with faculty and staff; others may have participated in the webinar that student leaders in Black United Body (BUB) coordinated. At both events, it was evident that we can and need to do more as a community to address issues of systemic racism. It was also a clear reminder that our language is important, and we are unequivocal in demonstrating to our Bentley community that Black Lives Matter.” — Academic Leadership Read their statement

“We, the Bentley University Faculty, wish to affirm that Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter. We reject racism and pledge—as a community and as individuals: to recognize and reflect on our own behavior; to act swiftly and unequivocally when witnessing racism in any form, including our own whether conscious or unconscious; to educate ourselves to become better informed; and to be better listeners and ready to change.” — Bentley University Faculty

“As Black students at a predominantly White institution, we see you. We see what you do to make Bentley a better and brighter place for faculty, staff and students alike. Your work matters. Your life matters. Your trauma as a part of the Black community matters.” — Student Programs and Engagement Read their statement.  

“We are shocked and outraged by recent cases around the country of force used by police officers against citizens. In particular, it is clear to us that racism, ignorance, lack of training and an overall lack of empathy were all contributing factors to the death of George Floyd … Nowhere in our training, or in any police training, is it acceptable to place a knee on the neck of another human being.” — University Police Read their statement.

“We feel it necessary to use our platform to recognize privilege and use our voices to stand for, support, and protect those who have been silenced. We take responsibility to extend our Bentley Values to strive for a safer and more just world.” — University Athletics Read their statement.

“No matter the color of our skin, everyone has a heart and has the ability to love. Racism has no place in this world and as a team we stand in solidarity with Black lives matter. We are one team and one family.” — Men’s Soccer Read their statement.

“We feel it necessary to use our platform to recognize privilege and use our voices to stand for, support, and protect those who have been silenced.” — Women's Lacrosse Read their statement.

“The Bentley women’s basketball team mourns the senseless and horrific murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and COUNTLESS other Black men and women as a result of racism that continues to permeate our country. We acknowledge that while privilege manifests itself in many different ways, it is imperative to recognize the role that white privilege, in particular, plays in the systemic racial injustices in our country.” — Women’s Basketball. Read their statement

“This is anything but unprecedented. This is what things look like uncovered and unmasked. Silence will not save us. To our Black and Brown students, we see you, we hear you, and we will do and be better. We are committed to creating safer residence halls, holding accountable those who fail to meet our values, reviewing residential hall policies, ensuring they are equitable to every student.” —Residential Center Read their statement.

“The Residence Hall Association’s mission is to improve the lives of all Bentley University students on campus. This indisputably includes the lives of our Black students. Black Lives Matter. But these words alone are not enough, we are a community and we must work together to end racism and police brutality.” — Residence Hall Association Read their statement

“#BlackLivesMatter. Let's talk. We see you. We hear you. We STAND with you. We acknowledge your frustration. The Office of Undergraduate Admission at Bentley is here for you. We want and need to do better. Silence is not an option.” — Undergraduate Admissions Read their statement.

"There is no such thing as a silent ally." — Center for Women and Business Read their statement

“Black Lives Will Always Matter and we will fight until that is the case.” — ManKind Movement Read their statement.

“With everything happening in our country, it is important we call out things for what they are. Racism and police brutality have plagued our country for far too long.” — Coming Full Circle Read their statement.

“In support of the Black community, we stand against the rampant racism and prejudice present in America. We urge people to educate Illustration of George Floydthemselves on how white ignorance has perpetuated systemic racism for decades.” — Bentley Pride Read their statement.

"As leaders of Bentley's Honor Program, we owe it to our student body to provide them with a platform to make their voices heard. Therefore, as a council we have come together to reflect and mourn this tragedy, but more importantly to use this as an opportunity to do better as student leaders." — Honors Student Council Read their statement.

“R.I.P George Floyd. George Floyd’s life mattered. Say his name, so we can stop the repetition of horrendous and inexcusable acts such as the one committed by Derek Chauvin and the other 3 bystanding officers. It’s time. Time for justice. Time to stop the spread of hate, fear, and brutality.” — Black United Body Read their statement.

“Taking time to listen, learn and support. As an organization we stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement.” — Campus Activities Board Read their statement.

“Stand up for the black community and speak out against hate. When this fades out from a social media trend it is our responsibility to continue our education on the matter and to fight against social injustice.” — Students for Sustainable Business Read their statement.

“Systemic racism and injustice have plagued America for far too long and the time has come for us to stand together and use our voices to demand for justice and change. Enough is enough.” — Association of Latino Professionals for America—Bentley Read their statement.

“We refuse to tolerate racism and injustice both within and outside of our chapter. As an organization, we encourage you all to use your voice to stand up and take action for those who have been impacted by anti-blackness, racial discrimination, violence, and hate.” — Delta Sigma Pi Read their statement.

"In light of multiple recent events, we are reminded that when we see injustice, it us up to us as a community to step up and make a difference." — Phi Sigma Sigma Read their statement

“In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist” - Angela Y. Davis. — Alpha Kappa Psi Read their statement.

"Although many feel helpless in light of recent and ongoing injustices, we can make an impact by continuing to educate ourselves. It’s through continued education that we will develop both the awareness and understanding required to make real change." — Kappa Delta Read their statement

"We at the Bentley University Relay for Life, like people all over this country and the Bentley campus alike, are heartbroken by the tragedies that have taken place in our country." — Bentley Relay for Life Read their statement

“Your silence is compliance. We challenge you to use your voice!” — Caribbean Ancestry Student Association Read their statement.

"Let us go out with a divine dissatisfaction. Let us be dissatisfied until America will no longer have a high blood pressure of creeds and an anemia of deeds." Rev. MLK, 1967. — Spiritual Life Read their statement.

“We condemn all racism and violence perpetrated against people of color. We are committed to making Bentley an equitable community for all students.” — Student Government Association Read their statement.

"We feel compelled to tell students who are under siege, angered and harmed by anti-black violence and racist backlash to the nation's ongoing protests that we stand by you." — Undergraduate Academic Services Read their statement.

"The Jewish people, only a generation ago, were victims of an atrocity, and at our time of need, countless allies, Jews and non-Jews came to our aid. Now is the time for us to come to the aid of the Black community as they lead the campaign to eradicate white supremacy and systemic racism." —Bentley Hillel Read their statement

"We stand in solidarity with those who have and continue to face social and racial injustice in America." University Interfraternity Council Read their statement.

he Hoffman Center for Business Ethics Stands with Black Lives Matter. We will not forget George Floyd nor the countless other Black Americans who have been victims of state-sponsored violence, oppression and injustice. We stand with the Bentley University community against this injustice and call on all businesses to recognize that they have an ethical obligation to conduct their work in a way that opposes systemic racism in their dealings with all their stakeholders."  — W. Michael Hoffman Center for Business Ethics Read their statement

"The faculty and staff of the Global Studies Department (GLS) at Bentley University unequivocally condemn anti-Black racism in all its forms. In anguish and solidarity, we call out names of Black lives brutally ended by police violence and police-enabled violence in the US in the past weeks alone: George Floyd, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks, amongst untold others. Black Lives Matter." — Global Studies Department Read their statement

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