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Millennials at Work

Bentley University

With millennials' preparedness for careers an increasingly hot topic in the media, what do millennials themselves think of their roles in the workplace? Bentley University's PreparedU Project explored millennial opinions about seven key workforce issues in its latest national survey, The Millennial Mind Goes to Work: How Millennial Preferences Will Shape the Future of the Modern Workplace.

Among the findings, the survey revealed  that millennials: 

  • Prefer talking with colleagues in person rather than texting or emailing
  • Value health-care benefits more than frequent pay raises and promotions when choosing a job
  • Believe that flexible work schedules make the workplace more productive for people their age

Explore the research report and other resources below for more information about the major findings and top initiatives recommended by survey respondents. 

The Survey


Check out this infographic summary of top findings:

Millennials at work


Hear directly from millennials in their own words: 




Bloomberg Radio Broadcast

Bentley and Bloomberg Radio broadcasted a segment in an ongoing series during Bloomberg's "Taking Stock" program featuring the latest survey results from The PreparedU Project on the millennial mind, plus perspective from top CEOs who recruit them. Listen to the Interviews:

In addition, Bentley hosted a primetime broadcast with Bloomberg Radio from 6:00- 7:00 p.m. featuring two of the nation's top CEOs, Brian Halligan from HubSpot and Larry Hughes from BNY Mellon Wealth Management, who shared their views on recruiting, retaining and motivating the millennial generation.


The PreparedU Project

Learn more about the PreparedU Project research, findings and recommendations: 

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