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New Courses in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Credit: Getty Images (Ismagilov); License: Free Canva for Education

The Computer Information Systems Department will be offering new courses in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence beginning in the fall of 2022. These courses count as electives for CIS majors and minors.

Machine Learning Foundations provides a hands-on introduction to the fundamental concepts, algorithms, application, and ethical use of Machine Learning. Students will use relevant Python libraries, data repositories and ML platforms to explore data. Examples, labs, and homework assignments provide hands-on experience with data exploration and visualization, natural language processing, computer vision, and other tasks.  Prof. Tamara Babaian will be teaching this course in Fall, 2022.

Artificial Intelligence Foundations and Applications in Business focuses on how organizations integrate artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into their business operations and functions to increase productivity and support strategic decision making. It introduces the fundamental concepts and mechanisms behind AI technologies and explores key techniques used in AI applications. This course also offers demonstrations of state-of-the-art AI technologies, allowing students to explore and gain experience with AI software and tools. Case studies and hands-on exercises illustrate the use of AI in various business domains and motivate in-depth discussions about the limitations and ethical implications of AI and automation. This course is scheduled to be offered for the first time Spring, 2023.